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Monday, July 30, 2012

Today's The Day!!!!! We've moved!

I am so excited!!!!

If you're looking for the latest and greatest from 
Our Prairie Home...

We've Moved!

Today, we're revealing our new space!

To see our latest furniture makeovers and crafts, please go to

A new place.

A new look.

Same name.

Same great blog.

Hope to see you there soon!


Karin from Art is Beauty 
helps me break in my new digs!


Come see what she's shared!

And while you're there...

And this is IMPORTANT!

 PLEASE don't forget to follow me at my new space, so you don't miss the latest exciting things going on at

Please come see me, y'all!!

I can't wait to show you around!! 


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Aurora Auction via Fox Hollow Cottage

Most of you who follow me, know, follow and love Shannon.

If you don't, here she is:

Yes, that would the Shannon from Fox Hollow Cottage that donated her lovely locks to Locks of Love earlier this year.

Shannon, always loving, kind, and generous 
has now started an 
that has captivated and horrified Americans across our nation.

What started as Shannon offering up this wreath for auction with the proceeds benefitting the victims, has now grown into bloggers across Facebook and the internet donating items left and right for the cause.

My contribution?

like the one that I gave away last week.

as well as a large 18" scrap fabric wreath similar to this one:

Go here:  Fox Hollow Cottage on Facebook to bid.  

There are currently two lots, with donations being added by the minute.

Please go bid to help those affected by this American tragedy.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Graphite White-Waxed Dresser

One of the pieces that has had a lot of interest over at 
The Changing Season is the 
ASCP Graphite Dresser.

Would you believe me if I said that this piece was totally not planned?

I promise.

It wasn't.

I started out with this:

It shows up looking like pine in the picture, but it was really painted brown.

But, I loved the detailing and the hardware.

Scott was surprised when we were bidding for choice, that I picked this one first, 
over what later became the "Meh" dresser.

I'm a sucker for detailing.

My first plan was to just paint it with ASCP Graphite.

But it was REALLY blah.

Like I often do when a piece totally stumps me, 
I walked away from it and left it over night.

I fell asleep thinking about it (tell me I'm not the only person that does this) 
and by the time I drifted off, I had a vision.

A vision only.

With no idea how to execute.

Enter my handy-dandy Annie Sloan technique book.

In it, I remembered she colored her clear wax with paint.

Since I really wanted the details to stand out
I decided to color the wax with ASCP Pure White

* It only takes a little - like a little trickled in.*

Never having done this technique before, I was 
holding my breath 
that it would work.
(And I wouldn't ruin it.)

I carefully filled in all the detailing with the colored wax, using my wax brush.  
I then used a Q-Tip to remove any wax that had gotten outside of the edges.

I wound up with this:

While it was really cool looking, it still wasn't jumping out at me as "WOW".

So, I left it overnight again.

The thing about ASCP Graphite is that it shows EVERY imperfection in the wood.  Its very matte in appearance and for lack of a better word, it's blah.

In my opinion.  

It just needs a little something to dress it up a bit.

While the detailing looked really neat, the rest of the dresser was just "meh".

That is totally my new word for furniture that just doesn't have the "Wow Factor."

So, the NEXT morning, I was looking at it when it hit me.  

How about white waxing the entire top AND the entire drawers fronts 
to make them stand out more?  

That way, they don't get lost in the body of the dresser.

Totally worked.

I just added a little bit of paint (think:  An ounce) to a huge glop of the AS Clear Wax.  Using my wax brush, I brushed it on, being sure to go in one direction.  Be careful about this because you can really tell if your strokes aren't even and going in the same direction.

And the hardware?

Same technique, but reversed.

I painted the original hardware ASCP Pure White 
and then colored the AS Clear Wax with ASCP Graphite.


And I would have to say it one of my more favorite pieces that I've done.

Just because it's different.

And such an easy technique, once you try it.

And it can take something that's "meh" 
and turn it into something pretty neat.

At least I think so.



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Friday, July 13, 2012

A Clean Shop And Some Auction Goodies

Ever had a room so cluttered with junk and stuff 
that you didn't know where to even start?


That's where I was on Tuesday.

My shop looked like a hoarder's den.


I couldn't get to ANYTHING!

I had to squeeze through tables, dressers, secretaries...

This picture was taken BEFORE we moved in five new pieces.  

It was NUTS!

And I had NO CLUE where to even BEGIN cleaning.


I knew I had to do it because I had to start working on a couple of custom pieces 
and I needed to be able to actually get to them.


After a full day's work...

Here it is:

Everything neatly shoved into the back.

At least it's shoved according to the order I plan to work on them.


It's been swept clean.

And shop vac-ed.

And now I have a nice little "office" area:

This is where I hang out for "me" time in the morning.

I do my morning devotions here.

I plan my projects here.

And I keep my records here.

How about that ladder???

I went to purchase an old worktable out of an elderly lady's garage.  
When I met with her son, I saw it hanging on the wall and offered to buy it.  


I have been looking for one FOREVER!  

Although now that I'm looking at the picture, I think I stuck it in there upside down.  


That's typical me.  


Then, I have my little space for all my staging props.  

Some are tucked into cabinets on the other wall, but I kept these out to inspire me.

So, men have a Man Cave, but I have a Crafter's Cave!


The shop is still pretty rustic
but we've come a LONG way from here:

I can't believe that it EVER looked like THAT!

Now, it's my little haven of respite.  


We're constantly picking up new things for it like this awesome little sink with old wainscoting sides that I won the other night...

Perfect for washing out paint brushes and such!

It didn't take much to talk Scott into bidding on it, 
especially since I've all but ruined our kitchen sink with paint!

We picked it up the same night we got these:

I picked up an additional eight tables and 1 desk to join them yesterday.  
They're currently sitting in the back of the trailer soaked 
from this morning's non-forecasted thunderstorm.
(Thank the Lord for the much needed rain though!!)  


And because I'm really getting into picking up cool small stuff...

The books are awesome!

None are older than 1912.

Old school books, primers, and tons of religious German Bibles and books...

Did you know that Restoration Hardware sells old books grouped three in a stack with the binding torn off for over $25.00??!!


I'm still waffling on desecrating the books.

I think I'll find some newer ones to do that to, 
so I don't feel like I'm destroying history or something.

Side Note:
I got a hoot out of a medical book and what they had to say about a woman's "monthly flow" as of 1905.  Don'tcha know we should rest as much as possible and get lots of fresh air because not doing so will make us "weak" and "sickly".  

Yeah.  I don't see that happening around here.  


The best part was finding old letters and postcards tucked inside the pages.  

Too bad they're written in Deutsch.
(Makes me wish I had been interested a little more in German I and II than cute boys.  :P)

The handwriting is pretty though.


I found a receipt from a marble company in Cedar Rapids dated 1897.  

How cool is that????

I get stupidly excited over that kind of stuff.

And then these, which I don't know if they're worth what I paid for them, but oh so cool...

The top item is a travel oven.  

This was made to take out to the fields while working, so they didn't have to go all the way back to their home for lunch.  Earlier models were used by soldiers in war time.  They were heated either with steam, hay, coal, or wood.   

I thought it was a pretty cool piece.

The bottom item is a smoker's table.  

The little depression in the top is for an ashtray.  The bottom is a tin-lined humidor.  We didn't know what it was when we bought it, but it was interesting.  I googled it later. There's even a little hook on the side for a pipe.  

Pretty neat!

The auction season is wrapping up, so I'm desperate to get as many pieces as possible.  I'm pretty sure I'm not well liked around here.  I know for certain there's one woman that glares when I show up.  

Kind of makes me feel bad.

Oh well.

Bid it to get it.


Today, I'll be working on a china cabinet.  The client that has been waiting very patiently for it.  

Thanks, Brenda!!

It looks like pretty decent painting weather today, so I better get at it.

Have a great day, y'all!


Thursday, July 12, 2012

We Have a WINNER!

Today is the day!

Is it you?

Did you win?

Well, let's check...

(My fingers are crossed for you!)

Using a random number generator, here was the result:

Comment #46...



And here's her comment:

(And she has...  From the very beginning!!!)


Tanya, please contact me at ourprairiehome@gmail.com.

Please detail your full name, address, and the colors/quote you would like for me to use on your custom pillow.  If you think it would help, include a picture of the room you are using it in, so I can better see the exact shades.  :)

I can't wait to get started on it for you!


Monday, July 9, 2012

3 Easy No Sew Pillows {Tutorial}

If you've been following me for a while, you know one thing...

This girl don't sew.


I literally failed a 9 week portion of Home Ec.  

The topic?



When I turned in my handbag project for the 9 week period, 
the straps on it were twisted.

Instant Fail.

It scarred me for life.

I won't even attempt to touch a sewing machine.

I'm afraid it'll go up in flames or something.


So, when I was getting ready for my debut at The Changing Season last week and I had that settee to display, I really, really, REALLY wanted to make some pillows for it.


I can't sew.

So, I set about scouring the internet and blogs for a no sew pillow tutorial.

I couldn't find one.

I mean, I found some, but not for what I had in mind.

There were jelly roll pillow tutorials.

There were tied pillow cases over a pillow form tutorials.

But there was NOTHING for a no-sew pillow that actually LOOKED like it had been sewn.

Maybe I was just looking in the wrong places.

Either way, I couldn't find one, so I had to get creative.

Here's what I came up with 
and I'm going to share it with you today.

You know...  For all of us sewing challenged people.

Not a single thread was used 
in the making of these pillows.


Duck Cloth (Or some other heavy duty fabric)
Straight Pins
Jute Twine
Glue Gun

Before beginning...

1.  Wash your fabric.  That way, shrinkage occurs, if any.  Plus, the ends fray nicely, if you want a frayed edge.

2.  Iron your fabric to get the edges and fabric wrinkle free (for the most part - I don't like to iron either.  LOL!)


Real seamstresses are going to cringe at this part, but I didn't measure.  

At all.  

I just cut.

1.  Lay your pillow form in the center of the fabric (right side up) and cut about 4 inches out from the pillow form.  You can always trim off some later.  Or, be seamstressly-correct and cut a piece 22"x22" piece of fabric.  ;)

2.  Lay the piece you just cut on top of the next section of your fabric.  Cut that piece, so you have two pieces the same size.

3.  Place your fabric "right" side UP and apply the Fabri-Tac 1.5 to 2 inches in from the edges on THREE SIDES.  You're going to leave one side completely unglued.

4.  Roll your other piece of fabric up into a tube (The "wrong" side needs to be down when you roll it up, so when you unroll it the "right" side is face down.)  Put it at the top edge of your first piece of fabric and roll it down, smoothing out wrinkles and kinks in the fabric as you go.  Press down firmly along your glue line.

Note:  Fabri-Tac dries quickly, so work fast.  Also, it doesn't take a lot.  In fact, it works better to smooth out the glue into a thin layer, so it adheres better.

You're going to leave it to dry for about 30 minutes, before going on to the next steps.

5.  Trim off the extra edges of your fabric, being careful not to cut off any of the glued part.  You don't want be able to feel your edge on the inside when you grab it on the outside.

6.  Turn your glued fabric squares right-side out and you should have a little pocket (pictured).

Now, if you're using a pillow form, go ahead and stick it inside your pocket.  

You might find out you did this:

I ALWAYS keep it REAL.

The insert is too big for the pillow cover.  DOH!

Don't panic.  

Just forget the idea of using the pillow form you got to make the job easier and try not to cringe thinking of the extra money you spent, when you could have just bought poly-fill.  


If the sewing fairies smiled on you and your form fits, good for you!  

For the rest of us incompetents, you can just cut open the pillow form and use the poly-fill that's inside of it (but you'll do this after Step 7).  ;)

The day is not entirely ruined!

7.  Whichever way you did it, take your top and bottom edges and fold them in and straight pin them together.  The corner, you fold in at an angle.  (If you're using poly-fill, you're going to leave a section at the end just big enough for your hand to fit.  If you used the form and it actually worked, you're going to go all the way across.)

8.  Remove each pin section by section, using the Fabri-Tac to glue each section.  As you glue each section, place a clothes pin over the glue, along the seam, to hold it in place.

If you used the form, at this point you're done.


You should have a recognizable pillow.  

You just have to wait for the Fabri-Tac to dry before you can embellish it.

If you used the poly-fill continue below...

9.  After the Fabri-Tac has dried, fill it with the poly-fill.  Be sure to really get it in all the corners.

10.  Follow Step #7 and #8 again.  Finish up the remaining seam and edge.  Apply your clothespins as you go, to keep pressure on the seam for the Fabri-Tac to adhere.

11.  Embellishment time!  I used left over duck cloth from another pillow to make a fabric rosette (Cut a circle.  Cut the circle into a spiral leaving the center about the size of your thumb.  Starting with the outside end, twist the fabric as you turn clockwise to form the petals of your flower.  Place a dot of hot glue every turn or so, so your "petals" stay in place.  Glue the  center end to the back to hold it all together.)  Hot glue a button to the center.
(You can see a tutorial on how to make felt rosettes HERE, which is pretty much the same thing - just don't cut out the center.  Leave it.  And don't hold my earlier posts against me.  LOL!  I've come a LONG way in a year!)

12.  Sit back and admire your work.  Holy cow!  You can make a pillow WITHOUT sewing!  Who'da thunk it?  ;)

Pocket Pillow Tutorial

This one actually turned out right - using a pillow form.

1.  Take your pillow form and place it in the center of your fabric.  Cut a piece about two and a half times the size of your  pillow form.  You want to be able to fold the bottom edge of the fabric to the top edge of your pillow and then the top edge of the fabric half way down to the middle of your pillow.  Does that make sense?

2.  Next apply the Fabric-Tac 1.5/2 inches in ALL THE WAY AROUND your fabric and fold the edges of the fabric in on top of it, so you have a nice even edge.  Smooth out any wrinkles.  Then, fold the bottom edge half way up the entire piece of fabric and adhere at the corners and down along the side edges with the Fabri-Tac.  Apply the clothespins and leave until dry.

3.  Iron your fabric.  Apply iron-on embellishments according to instructions on package.  (You can find these in the purse decorating section of Jo-Ann Fabric.)

4.  Your pillow should look like this.

5.  Put your pillow form inside the pocket.  Fold the top flap down and apply the Fabri-Tac to the side edges and apply your clothespin to hold it until its dry.

6.  Put a thin line of Fabri-Tac around the edge of your top flap and  place your jute twine on top of it.  You can either hold the twine down with your fingers until it holds securely or use clothespins to hold it in place.

7.  Make a fabric rosette out of scrap fabric.  For this rosette, I knotted one end of the fabric and rolled the fabric around the knot, glueing every half turn or so. Adhere the rosette with the Fabri-Tac.

Your pillow should look like this when you're done:

Quote Pillow Tutorial

For this pillow, you're going to follow Steps 1-6 of the first pillow. Then just add these steps:

1.  Cut a piece of fabric so it is about 2-3 inches smaller than your pillow.  Burn the edges lightly, so it won't fray, but don't blacken it (unless you want to).

2.  Cut another piece of fabric in a coordinating color about 1.5 inches smaller than you printed fabric.  Print out image/quote using the wax paper transfer method.  You can find Home Frosting's tutorial on that HERE that I got from  Karin at Art is Beauty.  If it turns out a little lighter than you'd like, you can darken it with paint markers or a Sharpie.

3.  Make a fabric flower by cutting three circles in coordinating fabric, each a little smaller than the next.  Glue together using the Fabri-Tac.  Apply a button in the center with hot glue.

4.  Apply jute twine to the edge of the center piece of fabric, using the method I discussed above.  Leave two trailing edges.  Knot them both.

Follow these four steps with Steps 7-10 above.

And you're done.

Your pillow should look like this:

Really, it's easier than it sounds.  

And, you learn by doing.  

I had no idea when I started what in the world I was doing, 
but somehow it just all came together and worked!

And I had the perfect pillows to display on the settee.  
All of which have been bought and have new homes.  :)

I wish I had known how good they were going to turn out because  I would have taken better pictures step by step instructions!

Remember, you can enter to win the Quote Pillow HERE.  

The winner will be announced Thursday morning, 
so get your entry in today!

Hope y'all have a fantastic day! 

 I'm going to do some cleaning and make a wreath.  ;)

Take care,


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Friday, July 6, 2012

Custom Handmade Pillow Giveaway!!!

It's GIVEAWAY time!

Whoop!  Whoop!

Last night, I had a "lightbulb" moment...

I haven't done a Giveaway since before Christmas
what better time to do another one than now?

Celebrating the debut of 
The Changing Season.



What do you win???

Well, not EXACTLY this pillow, but this pillow with YOUR decor colors. 

Same design.

Custom quote.
(You pick a quote that inspires you or use the one above!)

Same style. 

Custom colors! 

A handmade pillow just for YOU!

Each pillow is handmade by me.

Durable Duck Cloth is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

The wording is transferred 
using the wax paper transfer method and then darkened by hand.

Jute twine frames the quote.

A small fabric flower completes the look with a button center.

A $50.00 Value

This is my way of saying, "THANK YOU!"  to every one of you 
for your encouragement and unwavering support over the last year.

A way to share my good fortune.

I'm paying it forward!


I could not have done it without YOU!

Love you guys!

So, here's the how you can enter:

9 Ways To WIN...

1)  LEAVE A COMMENT!  That easy.  Just plain ole leave a comment below telling me you want to win! 1 Entry.  

2)  BECOME A FOLLOWER!  Follow Our Prairie Home ~The Blog~.  Leave a comment below saying that you did! 1 Entry.

3)  LIKE ME!  "Like" Our Prairie Home on Facebook.  Leave a comment below saying you did.  1 Entry.

4)  SHARE THE LOVE!  "Like" The Changing Season on Facebook.  Leave a comment on her page saying I sent you and come back here to leave a comment telling me you did so.  1 Entry.

5)  BE A TWIT!  Follow me on Twitter HERE.  Leave a comment below saying you did. 1 Entry.

6)  PINTASTIC!  Pin this pillow on Pinterest!  Come back here commenting that you pinned it.  1 Entry.

7)  SHARE YOUR INSPIRATIONS!  Follow Our Prairie Home HERE on Pinterest and I'll follow you back.  Leave a comment below saying you did so.  1 Entry. 

8)  SHOUT ABOUT IT!  "Share" this link through Facebook, Twit it on Twitter, or Shout It Out on your blog.  Come back here and tell me how you talked it up!  1 Entry.

9)  GOOGLE PLUS!  +1 this blog entry.  Leave a comment telling me you did so!  1 Entry.

Up to NINE entries per person to win!

Do as little or as much as you want!

Lots of opportunity to make this pillow yours!

And I've provided ALL the links in RED!

Easy as a click of the mouse!

I will announce the winner on this blog, on my Facebook page, and on Twitter 

Thursday, July 12, 2012.

The winner will be picked using a random number generator
so be sure to comment individually for EACH of your ENTRIES.


Start commenting NOW for a chance to win!

Good luck everyone!