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Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Man's Got To Do...

what a man's got to do.

The hubs is a man of the outdoors.  Indoors...  Ehhh, not so much.  We own our own tree company, so we have tons of equipment to get the job done on the yard.  When we initially looked at the house, we knew that the yard was going to be a GINORMOUS undertaking.  There was literally a small barn hidden under weeds and brush that were over head high that we didn't even know was on the property!  The previous owners had let the thicket and tall grass that grows like mad during Iowa summers completely encroach on all the boundaries of the property.  And just to make things interesting, there was piles of miscellaneous junk here and there throughout the entire acreage.  I wish I had taken more pictures of just what we dealt with so y'all could see a change, but our yard is so beautiful now.  

Just so y'all don't think that we're a complete bunch of slackers that haven't done anything in the last few years, here's some before and afters of the wonders the hubs worked on our yard.

(Sorry for the quality...  It was off the real estate flyer.)


It's from a different angle, but check out all the lilies.  
Believe it or not, they grow wild here.


No corn field!  We stopped renting to the farmer who was planting it.  
Now we have a HUGE  area for the kids to play!  Football, anyone?


Here's the barn I was telling you about.  
Couldn't even see it for weeds and trees.

So, needless to say, we've done A LOT outside, as far as the yard, but very little to the inside.  And we still have that hideous blue siding.  YUCK!  And no landscaping around the house because we can't do that until we do the siding.  

Oh well, at least we have beautiful wild flowers.  :)

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