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Monday, July 16, 2012

Graphite White-Waxed Dresser

One of the pieces that has had a lot of interest over at 
The Changing Season is the 
ASCP Graphite Dresser.

Would you believe me if I said that this piece was totally not planned?

I promise.

It wasn't.

I started out with this:

It shows up looking like pine in the picture, but it was really painted brown.

But, I loved the detailing and the hardware.

Scott was surprised when we were bidding for choice, that I picked this one first, 
over what later became the "Meh" dresser.

I'm a sucker for detailing.

My first plan was to just paint it with ASCP Graphite.

But it was REALLY blah.

Like I often do when a piece totally stumps me, 
I walked away from it and left it over night.

I fell asleep thinking about it (tell me I'm not the only person that does this) 
and by the time I drifted off, I had a vision.

A vision only.

With no idea how to execute.

Enter my handy-dandy Annie Sloan technique book.

In it, I remembered she colored her clear wax with paint.

Since I really wanted the details to stand out
I decided to color the wax with ASCP Pure White

* It only takes a little - like a little trickled in.*

Never having done this technique before, I was 
holding my breath 
that it would work.
(And I wouldn't ruin it.)

I carefully filled in all the detailing with the colored wax, using my wax brush.  
I then used a Q-Tip to remove any wax that had gotten outside of the edges.

I wound up with this:

While it was really cool looking, it still wasn't jumping out at me as "WOW".

So, I left it overnight again.

The thing about ASCP Graphite is that it shows EVERY imperfection in the wood.  Its very matte in appearance and for lack of a better word, it's blah.

In my opinion.  

It just needs a little something to dress it up a bit.

While the detailing looked really neat, the rest of the dresser was just "meh".

That is totally my new word for furniture that just doesn't have the "Wow Factor."

So, the NEXT morning, I was looking at it when it hit me.  

How about white waxing the entire top AND the entire drawers fronts 
to make them stand out more?  

That way, they don't get lost in the body of the dresser.

Totally worked.

I just added a little bit of paint (think:  An ounce) to a huge glop of the AS Clear Wax.  Using my wax brush, I brushed it on, being sure to go in one direction.  Be careful about this because you can really tell if your strokes aren't even and going in the same direction.

And the hardware?

Same technique, but reversed.

I painted the original hardware ASCP Pure White 
and then colored the AS Clear Wax with ASCP Graphite.


And I would have to say it one of my more favorite pieces that I've done.

Just because it's different.

And such an easy technique, once you try it.

And it can take something that's "meh" 
and turn it into something pretty neat.

At least I think so.



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Four Marrs and One Venus said...

Oh Yes it looks super great! You Nailed it! Laura- Bam- nailed it. Oh did I already say that!!?! ;) I love how it turned out!

Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage said...

You always pull it out girl! Don't doubt yourself. Love the final result. It's totally unique :)

Vintage Paints said...

This turned out so great! I love the white wax, makes those details pop. I find myself doing the same thing---if I don't feel inspired or like what I see, I usually wait a few days and it will come to me...EVENTUALLY. LOL! This is great!

Dee said...

I do love this dresser! And the end-result looks amazing! And no, you are not the only person going to sleep with some type of project in her mind trying to figure out what to do with it while getting some sleep! lol! I do that too, a lot! :-P

art is beauty said...

You are such a Smar-T-Pants!!! Can you ship some of you MOJO over here....I am doggin!!
It turned out wonderful and those pieces that stump us are always the best...
Hugs on another great piece.

Bliss said...

I concur.


Sue said...

I really like the white wax wash that you used on this piece. I just bought the graphite and knew that I would be dark waxing it alone to get the effect I wanted. Now I know that there is another technique that will work on another piece I'll be working on. It looks wonderful! Visiting from A to Z's link party. ~ Sue

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