Welcome To Our Little Big House On The Prairie


Hey y'all!

I'm Laura - a southern stay-at-home Christian mom living in the heartland.  Raised in Pungo, Virginia, I've made my home with the love of my life and our 6 beautiful children on a spacious acreage in Iowa.  I'm not an interior designer and I don't pretend to be.  This is just an authentic blog about some of the DIY projects and crafts we're getting up to in turning this ole house into a home.

 We procrastinate.  We goof up.  And we're raising six precious kiddos in the process.  This is as real as it gets from a confessed Type A personality, who's figured out that in life there is perfection in imperfection.  Sometimes, life just HAPPENS.  Things don't always work out like you planned.  Life.  Fun.  Sometimes.

BUT there is a sweet sense of accomplishment in doing it yourself.  So you make some blunders...  So it doesn't turn out EXACTLY like you pictured it in your head...  That's okay!  There's no better sense of accomplishment when you've completed a DIY task you never thought possible - even when its not "perfect".

I hope you'll join us through all our blunders and triumphs, as we turn our prairie house into "Our Prairie Home".