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Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday's Finds... #09 and Friday's Favorites Linky Party!!!

WOW!  Friday already!  To be honest, last night I was racking my brains about what I could do about today's blog post and then I was like, "Doh!  It's Friday!"  LOL!  I just don't know where the time goes! I gotta be honest with you.  This week's finds were a little slim.  Nothing I'm gushing over, just a few picks on the cheap that will eventually find a place in my home.  However...  No worries!  I finally figured out how to host a linky party (needed to switch over to the new Blogger format) and I'm now ready to go!  YAY!  I totally can't wait to see what great things y'all have found this week!

First we'll do my finds and then at the bottom of this post there will be the "rules" for what I hope will be a weekly linky party.  :)

First up, I scored this heavier than heck mirror from our local thrift.  Dang!  Even the hubs said it was heavy.  The country blue is gonna go, but can you imagine how pretty this is gonna be with some white paint and glazing.  Oh yeah!  $10.00

Obviously, I haven't gotten around to the Windex.  LOL!
And I think I've really developed a thing for old books.  Just the history of them is enough to intrigue me, but I love seeing the names written inside with such beautiful penmanship and think of the hands that held them so many years ago.  I'm up to 14, that are bundled with hemp twine or stacked here and there around the house.  These new finds include a very interesting one about our Founders written in 1929 and another on Civil Government copyrighted in 1918.  I gotta say...  The history they're teaching our kids now is MUCH different from these books.  Its been an eye opener.  I also found three that are titled "Language Lessons For Common Schools".  Two of those don't even have copyrights, but are dated 1907 and the other is copyrighted 1918.  How cool is that?  Total cost $18.00

And its always great to find something you have to do nothing to, like this pewter candlestick holder.  SCORE!  $1.50

And I told you I'd be majorly looking for frames for our family pics.  I picked up these that will all be getting a fresh coat of paint.  $5.00 for the large wooden one, $2.00 for the square mirror, $0.50 for the small gilded one, and $0.75 for the oval.

I actually got another large square frame pretty similar to the one above, but my laziness and hatred of the cold knows no bounds.  Its out in the back of the Yukon, but I wasn't going to brave the temps this morning to lug it in.  I paid $2.00 for that one.

I picked up a couple of books of music for $0.75 each, that I have already used to make a sheet music wreath.  I would have loved to have found some actual sheet music, but yeah...  Didn't happen.

I picked up this beat up firewood basket for $5.00.  Totally getting a coat of spray paint.  I needed a place for all the birchwood I'm stealing from the hub's stockpile.  ;)

And once I again I was bitten by the Christmas bug...

These pictures of vintage Santas were $0.75 each.  All the frames need is a little paint.

If the price tag that was still attached is to be believed, this retailed at $46.99 from Mission Gallery.  You gotta be kidding me?!  I paid five bucks.  More than reasonable.  :)

And since several of the many Christmas treasures I lost when our basement flooded was all but one of the Nativity Scenes I've collected over the years (*sob*), I picked this one up for $3.00.

And this little ornament (lost every single ornament but one, too), I  grabbed up for $1.00.  I saw a similar one at Wally World last night for $4.99.

And since I know all these need is a coat of silver spray paint to look TONS better, I snatched up these gold Christmas tree candles for $0.75 each.

I have to say, its not one of the greatest trips I've had to the thrift, but not too bad either.  I'm really having to reign myself in over the Christmas stuff, but I have a ball looking at it.  Its going to be an extremely hard, long process to rebuild our Christmas treasures - not to mention, really expensive.  :(  And since the flooding was  caused by ground water backing up into the floor drain, home owner's insurance covered NADA.  Can you believe that????  Better have flood insurance, even if you don't live in a flood plain, peeps.  And we live on a hill!!!!  I don't even want to think about all my children's handmade ornaments that were lost.  Those were priceless.    

Soooooooo anyhoo, now its time to show of your stuff!  What was your favorite find this week?

Its Linky Party Par-tay Time!

1st EH-VAH
Friday's Finds Favorites

And YOU'RE Invited!

Here are the "rules":

1.  Please link up your favorite find of the week.  It can be something you found yourself or something you found online and featured on your blog.  Please link directly to your post page, not just to your blog.  

2.  Please become a follower and help yourself to my blog button to let others know you've shared here.  You can either use my button or a text link, but please link somewhere/somehow on your blog to help spread the word.  Thanks!  :) 

3.  Please visit a couple of other shares that have been linked up and show some love.  We all love to hear compliments on what we've found.  You might even make a friend or two.  :) 

4.  Have fun, but please do not link up Etsy store items or any other commercial ventures.  The goal is to share, not sell.  Thanks!

5.  Be sure to stay tuned next Friday to see if your favorite find was featured as one of my faves - and of course, be ready to link up against next week.

Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to see what y'all found this week!


whitney said...

Thanks for hosting! Looking forward to checking out all the links.

Megan said...

I am so jealous of your mirror find! I am looking for one just like that for my bedroom! Nice find!

Nicole said...

I have that same wood holder...and I have a gas fireplace. lol. I love those frames.

Find friends via linky parites?!? Na... ;) (for those reading this...we met through one.)

♥ tip-make your party not so many across, you can't see the pics hardly. ;(
Maybe only 3-4 across?