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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Family Picture Proofs Are In!

I gotta tell ya...  I have never laughed so hard in my life.  Tears, peeps.  Tears!  I was literally howling with laughter (and snorting a little too) over some of the shots that Donna took.  In an attempt to get at least one good picture when we were losing the little man to the crankies, she fired off about 35 shots one right after the other and the result was a hilarious play-by-play.  I wasn't laughing then, but I sure did laugh Sunday night when I had a chance to sit down and look at the proofs.  The different facial expressions are priceless.  LMBO!  In fact, I may buy a few to to put out at their graduation parties.  LOL!!!

However, we (or I should say, Donna) did get such fantastic pictures that a few I just shook my head over their awesomeness.  All in all, my kiddos did fabulous!

We still haven't narrowed it down to which family shot we want.  The hubs is partial to this one:

While I'm drawn to these two:

And of course you've already seen this one of the hubba-hubba hubs and me...

But these ones of the children, just blew me away...

And I'm even thinking of getting this one, just because its a "In The Moment" shot:

Its like the diva is just shaking her head over her brothers' antics.  LOL!

And this one with Daddy and his little girl...


So, these are the ones I've narrowed it down to choosing.  The plan is to get them all in one size or another and then do a family photo wall.  You're probably going to be seeing A LOT of posts about the frames I'm finding.  LOL!

But here's where I want your opinion...

Should I have them all in color OR should I order them in the Enhanced Contrast that the 1st picture is in OR would you order a mix of both????


Which ones would you use to go on our Christmas card this year?


I'm totally stumped on the wording this year.  I want something original and cute, but I'm just not getting it.  Please give me some ideas because I'm completely stumped! 

Please weigh in with your opinions!  :)

**  I shouldn't have to say this, but I will anyway:


Have a super day, y'all - and if you live anywhere in Iowa:  Stay warm and stay dry!  ;)


Holly said...

Love them all I like the second one on the tracks...the one with Eva in the front is priceless..what to say??

Anonymous said...

Trying again to see if this comment will post! I love all the pictures! Love, love that one of Scott and the Diva. You could go with cheesiness like "laying down tracks in Iowa" LOL

Gina :)

Jule said...

I love these pictures! You are such a goodlooking family. ;) I like how you all wear neutral colors and have a little bit of that turqoise color in the pics.

Patricia Torres said...

What a gorgeous looking family!! Bless!! I love all the pics..

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