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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sheet Music Wreath and Mirror Makeover

Not a whole lot of time to post tonight, but since its been a while since I posted some crafty goodness, I thought I'd get this up really quick.

Remember the mirror that I posted on last week's Friday's Finds?

The hideous hunter green 1980s throwback?


Okay...  Well, here it was...

Can we say, "Ewwwwww!"

And then I took the mirror out, sanded that horrible green off, and then primed it:

Yes, that is snow outside the window!  :)

Added a little paint, distressed it, and then quickly glazed:

I decided to add a music sheet wreath, since just the mirror seemed a little plain.  Not too sure I like the wreath, but all in all - not to shabby for a wet, melting snow afternoon.  :)

Don't you love all my "to re-do's" in the reflection?  LOL!!  I need to get to work - or stop thrifting!  ;)

And one more pic for, Shannon @ Fox Hollow Cottage because she loves aqua...

Hope y'all are keeping warm!