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Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday's Finds... #08

Who says you can't have a shopping spree at a thrift store?  Oh yeah you can!  And I did.  Oh, yes.  I did.

I really didn't mean to.  I didn't go there with that intention, especially with what I bought last weekend in The Dells and Prairie Du Chien, but there was just so much goodness that I saw potential to remake.  Note to self:  Never get the shopping cart.  Ever.

Last week, I talked about possibly doing a linky party for my Friday's Finds, if I could ever figure out how to do it.  And yesterday on my Facebook Page I said I was going to do it.  Well, I can't.  I have no clue what I'm doing wrong, but the code won't paste and when I hand type it in, it doesn't work.  I'm doing everything right:  Made the code, pasting it in in the Edit HTML tab...  Still nada.  :(  I've been trying all morning and its still not working.  GRRRRRRR!  How frustrating!  If anyone can be of any help, please e-mail and help a sista out!

Okay, moving on...  MY Friday's Finds:

$1.50 for these two beauties that will soon be getting some spray paint lovin'.

Another little grapevine wreath for $1.00 plus an old patio stone that was my Dad's that I found out in the pump house.  Crocheted table runner:  $7.50

Gold picture frame given a face-life with some white spray paint.  $0.50
Yep, that's me circa 1979.  Olan Mills at its finest.  :)

Platter:  $2.00

So I got bit by the Christmas bug -Well that, and our basement flooded year before last and I lost 11 years worth of Christmas decorations.  I was heartsick.  At least I have a good excuse to buy more.  All are getting a good dose of paint.
Angel:  $2.50
Metal Start:  $1.00
Wood Candles:  $2.00
Lighted Glass Block:  (Needs a new ribbon to be more "my style") $5.00

Metal Sleigh is going Silver or White:  $15.00

Heavy Wooden Frame.  The painting has GOT to go.

Mirror Window Frame: $5.00
Getting some paint and distressing/Mirror is getting aged.

Craft Goodies:  $0.50 each
 And I've already done this with the string:

And someone's cast off ornaments are the exact look I'm going for on my tree this year...

And MY favorite find:

Vintage Chair:  $27.50
Foot stool:  $7.50
And that's one of our kitties, Lucy, taking a nap.

And I get to try my hand at reupholstering.  Wish me luck!
And the stool?  Yeah.  Pleather.  Lovely.  Recovering that one too.
With some shabby paint, they're going to look FAB!
And as it turns out, its already become a reading nook for the kids.  Awesome!  (Gotta love the dirty socks  LOL!)

Oops!  Forgot a find!  Bottom right corner with my shell collection:
Metal Pail - $10.00
And obviously I'm still working on sanding my barnwood coffee table I found on Craigslist two months ago for $15.00.  Getting the purple off is a PAIN!
Think I'm going to be ordering some ASCP post haste!  ;)

Okay...  WHEW!  Quite a haul, huh?  I would have loved to have seen your finds, but blogger must hate me.  :P  If anyone could help me figure out how to host a linky party, I'd really, really appreciate it!

Have a super weekend, y'all!


Shari @ turnstylevogue.com said...

Love the chair! I'm in serious need of a shopping day. Maybe this will inspire me to fit it in this weekend. More playoffs...

I love finding unique, old, Christmas decor at antique shops. It reminds me of my childhood. :) I'm starting a link party in January. Haven't figured it out yet though.

Have a good weekend!

Tanya said...

OOOOHHHH, you found some awesome stuff. I love, love that big chunky frame! I could totally see it turned into a chalkboard. You totally scored. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Hopefully since it's raining here, I can get some crafting projects done. I've got Christmas on my brain :)

Anonymous said...

Love that sleigh ... trying to decide what I'm doing with the decorating for Christmas regarding the outside. No luck so far.


Nicole said...

You're a nut. ;) Glad you found a chair though. Hope you enjoyed your 'ritas!

Megan said...

I loved figuring out how to reupholster my free CraigsList chair! Your find will end up beautiful. Have fun! :)