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Monday, November 21, 2011

A Start On A Prairie Home Christmas

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to kill the turkey and move on to Christmas!

Friday afternoon, I lugged all my Christmas goodies out of the attic and made another run to HL and J-A's Fabs.  A big thank you to Greyson who carried it the rest of the way downstairs for me.  :)

Saturday morning brought another wrestling tournament, but I sat this one out and stayed home with Eva, Landon, and my niece, Hannah.  It was time to get my Christmas on!  I'm happy to say that the living room is coming along slowly, but surely and I have at least one wall of my office done.  The dining room and the north wall of my office looks like the elves went on a bender, but oh well. It'll get there.

Yesterday, Scott took Ian to another tournament with Greyson and Eva along to cheer and I stayed home with Landon and Noah.  I can't really say I got a whole lot accomplished.  Guess I lost my decorating juju.  I made started on and then got bored with a few ornaments and started working on a banner that I got bored with too, and actually did finish up the office wall - sort of...  But that's about it.  I have to admit I got sucked in to Pinterest, Facebook, and blogland.  And I keep forgetting I can pin stuff now.  LOL!

All in all the decorating is coming along.  I have no idea what I'm going to do with the dining room.  It's as bare as a baby's butt. I've pretty much run out of decorations and I'm not buying anymore.  LOL!  I'm going to have to get really creative evidently.

If you're following me via Facebook, then you've already seen what I've accomplished.  If not, here ya go:

The Office:

I kept the office pretty simple...  Chicken wire provides the back drop to an old sled that I found at the local thrift.  On it is hung an old lantern of my mom's and a GW wreath.  The pear, bird's nest, candle sticks, frames, firewood basket, and rug were all thrift finds, as well.  The garland came from J-A's Fab.  The rest was stuff I scrounged around the house for.  Nothing like decorating on the cheap!  :D

Don't you just love the country hearts?  They're bangin'!  Not.

The Living Room:

I have to admit this is my favorite room of the two.  Might have something to do with the fact that the north wall of my office is filled with stacks and stacks of half-completed projects.  LOL!

I used varying sizes of grapevine wreaths to create an indoor snowlady - all thrift finds, except for the big one that I found at HL's.  Her scarf is burlap and ribbon with a bird's nest pick that has the cutest little cardinal in it.  That's what makes my snowman a snowlady!  LOL!!!  I'm sure you remember my barn door from the office.  The candlesticks are from GW, the bucket that used to hold my hydrangeas in my office is wrapped in burlap and tied with ribbon and a hemp string.  The foliage is from my yard with picks from J-A Fabs.  The snowman...  A hand-me down from Mom and the rest was around the house, as well.

Ahhhh...  My Christmas tree.  Decorated with a burlap garland, ornaments I either already had or some that came from a thrift.  The sleigh?  Thrift.  The chair?  Thrift.  The stool?  Thrift.  Books?  Thrift.  Coffee Table?  15.00.  Craigslist.  The suitcases?  Okay...  Ya got me there.  Paid out the nose for the bottom two at an antique store, but the top one was free.  ;)  Everything else?  Already owned.  :D

Still working on the the living room and the dining room, and the north side of the office.  Ugh.  Hopefully I get my Christmas mojo back today.  :)  Ian said that it was going to feel like Christmas on Thanksgiving and Noah asked if we could just do Christmas morning on Thanksgiving.  LOL!  Yes, definitely a departure from past years, but I'm glad I'm ahead of the game this time around.  I might actually be able to enjoy the decorations before I have to take them down this year!

And yes, I'm going to take the time to brag on my sons' wrestling prowess this weekend.  Noah took 1st on Saturday and Ian took 2nd on Saturday and 1st on Sunday.  WOOT!  Way to go, studs!  ;)

Well, time to get at it!  Merry Christmas!  Happy Thanksgiving!  ;)


Tanya said...

it all looks so pretty and festive. i especially love the grapevine wreath snowman. you did a beautiful job decorating!!

Nicole said...

It looks lovely. Can I come over and just sit there? ;)

Our Beaten Path said...

It all is so pretty! Your tree is gorgeous! I'm so ready to start decorating our home too.

Diane said...

Visiting from SNS, love your rustic Christmas decor. You have a beautiful home. Following you. Diane