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Thursday, May 17, 2012

I {HEART} Auctions

Whoo-boy!  Have I caught auction fever!

Last night, Scott and I hit another auction

I so wish I wasn't selling half the stuff, so I could share the prices we paid.  

That's half the fun!  

I find the more I do this, the more picky I am getting 
and the less I'm willing to pay for stuff. 

That's a good thing.  ;) 

Of course, it helps that the workshop is packed to the gills, 
but I do realize when I need to let things go and move on.  

However, stuff just wasn't selling last night, 
so we got some awesome stuff for some unreal prices.

Without further ado, check out these awesome scores:

Mine to keep, since I'm selling my wall paper buffet.  :)
35.00 Holla!

Two leaves.  Six Chairs.
The man who owned the items being auctioned had A TON of wood-working stuff.  I'm wondering if this table and chair set was handmade.  On the bottom of one of the chairs I found written in pencil, "Chairs Completed Feb. '60".

Hideously ugly, right?
The glass is going to have to go, but I see potential.  :)

A guy asked me if I wanted it, since it came in a group with some other stuff.
He said he was going to burn it.
I was like, "Sure.  I'll take it."  ;)
Doesn't he know bamboo is HOT right now?  ;)
And the total score and 
my absolute favorite of the night:

I've learned to school my features during auctions, 
but I did grin pretty big when Scott got this one.  :D

Ethan Allen, baby!

It'll be hard to re-do this one and let it go.  

Scott says he knew he was going to have problems 
with me doing that.  

He knows me well!  HA HA HA!

Thank goodness he's around to keep me on the straight and narrow because honestly, I'd probably want to keep EVERYTHING.  


And also a couple of dressers and a mirror from an auction 
last week that I haven't shared yet...

The mirror is being turned into a chalkboard
since it's REALLY ugly.  

And then a few smalls (Oh Lord, I'm talking like Mike and Frank HA HA HA!) that I get to keep.  YIPPEE!

That's a WOODEN pulley.  Awesome!  

Now to figure out something cool to do with it.

I know I saw something, somewhere.  ;)

And I've always wanted a yoke after I saw what my friend, Jess, did with one.  

Totally copying.  LOL!

Oh - and I almost forgot this dealy...

They're replacing all the power line poles on our road, so when one of the guys came up to the house yesterday to tell me we'd be without power for a little bit while they switched the lines over, I asked what they do with the big empty wire spools.  They actually re-use them, but he said he could at least give me one.  YAY!

Nothing is better than FREE!

I want to use it for a patio table.  

Scott wants me to use it in the shop to put our big island top on it, 
that we salvaged from our kitchen.    

Something tells me, that's probably where it'll go.

Of course, I have to actually get to painting and SELL some of the stuff that's accumulating, so I can make room for it.  

Our idea is to buy in the summer, while there's a lot of auctions 
and paint through the winter.  

I'd say we have a good head start.  ;)

I now only have a very small corner to work in.  LOL!

And three more chairs to do for a client.

So exciting!

Well, I'd better go do SOMETHING...  

Like finish cleaning out the end of the shop, so we have more room.  HA HA HA!

Have a fantastic day, y'all!



Lori said...

How do you find such great auctions??? I would love to go to some but I don't know how to find any. You've got some awesome pieces! I would hate to let these go!

Fox Hollow Cottage said...

$35 dollars... SO green with envy. LOVE it girl. It's gorgeousness times a zillion =)

The shop is getting FULL.
So happy for you =)

Laura said...

Actually... My hubby finds them and I have no idea how he does it. He just tells me when they are and then we go. His parents used to be into auctions big time, so he knows all the ropes. I just go where he tells me to. :)

vsutton said...

What fun!

Nicole said...

I love those two dressers and the buffet. Those are my favorites of the lot. Jealous a little, I may be. ;) Wise idea to stock up for the winter...esp. where you are! Here, not so much. lol. yawn. I'm sleepy. Maybe I will be able to take a nap when G does! :)

Emily said...

That buffet was a STEAL for $35! How very, very awesome. I haven't been to an auction yet, I probably need to practice my poker face before I go LOL. Hope you had a great mother's day :)

P.j. said...

Awesome scores!!! I may be older than you, but I still want to be you when I grow up. Seriously, this is what I dream of doing--PT while we're working on the house, plus even after we get the business running. I see potential in just about anything other people think is past a useful life. You come to mind when I see items the former owner left in the yard barn--a tall & narrow wooden filing cabinet that still has the hardware, & a mid-Century modern desk that would look awesome painted & with new pulls. Think I could part with both even after they're redone, but that remains to be seen!

Jessica Kielman said...

Lucky girl! That's a ton of fabulousness! I did feel a little sick at the thought of having to paint all of it, and then remembered that I don't...you do ;)

The barn is coming along!


NanaDiana said...

Laura- WHAT finds!! I can't believe that sideboard for $35. You HAVE to keep that piece-it is just wonderful. And that Ethan Allen piece is going to be hard to part with, too.

Can't wait to see some of your things redone. xo Diana

Anonymous said...

Awwww - I'm sad that you're selling that wallpaper buffet ... it's my favorite piece that you've done. Too bad I'm not close enough to buy it.

I did laugh (only a little) about your spider escapade ... I hate spiders myself and brown recluse and black widows are nothing to joke about. I found a black widow on the bottom of a package that was delivered to me .... HUGE one. I got it into a plastic container and threw it into the freezer. (wanted it dead, but wanted to take it to school)

Can't wait to see what you do with all your neat new finds!

-Gina :)

Katie Olthoff said...

um, Laura, pretty sure I need those chairs. How much do you want for them?

Kim@todayismysome-day said...

Wow! The $35 buffet knocked my socks off! I have yet to go to an auction, but I'm working up the nerve :) New follower...

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