Welcome To Our Little Big House On The Prairie

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty (kitty,kitty,kitty, kitty, and kitty)!

Lots of excitement in our house last night and this morning! 

The much anticipated arrivals of kittens occurred! 

Not quite a year ago, we got sister kitties, 
Miss Marley and Lucy-Kitty from an ad on Craigslist.

We knew they were both female and despite popular opinion to the contrary, 
we decided to let them each have a litter before we had them spayed.

And within twelve hours of each other they had both given birth.

Miss Marley went first, with a litter of  three, last night.

I was kind of surprised because Lucy-Kitty was so much bigger 
and I thought she had gone into heat earlier.


After an all out house search, we found Miss Marley's under the bed in Eva's room - 
on her hot pink froo-froo shabby rug.

Bye-Bye Rug! 

Miss Marley had a tortie, a tabby, and a black with white paws.

Then, this morning, not to be outdone, Lucy Kitty gave birth to five.  

She was just finishing up when the kids got on the bus.


What a trooper!   

She never made a sound! 

Her birth room of choice?

The dirty clothes hamper in the boys' room.
(Okay, its more a pile, but what can I say?  
They're boys.  
And I stopped fighting that battle a looooong time ago.  :P)


And even though I have hooked her up in a large crate, 
she keeps insisting on moving them back there.  

Bad idea, Lucy-Kitty.

But after her trying to move them back there three times, I give up.

She gets her way.

She gave birth to three black and two tabbies.  

And one of the blacks is SOLID BLACK. Not a bit of white on it.  
Noah is going to want to keep that one.  :)

So, we're all so excited and looking forward 
to tripping over some babies here in the next month! 

I kind of bugged her for a little while, 
so I could brag on her babies.

Even aloof Miss Marley stopped by for a visit 
and to offer her congratulations.

They are sooooo cute! 

I just had to snap off a couple...  hundred.  ;)

And not to leave Miss Marley out, just because she's the more stuck up of the two and Lucy-Kitty sleeps at the foot of our bed...

I'll brag on her babies too.  

Lucy-Kitty returned the favor 
and stopped by to check out Miss Marley's babies...

Is there anything better than a teeny-tiny kitten?


There's not.

Well, maybe puppies.

Or colts and foals.

And baby calves are pretty cute too.


And now I'll leave you with a sneak peek of what I did yesterday, 
what I'll be working on further today (if the weather cooperates), 
and what I'll be showing you tomorrow.

Make it a great day, y'all! 



Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage said...

Oh My! It's kittenpalooza at your place ;) Have fun with all them little babies. I can only imagine!!!

Ranae said...

I don't how it's getting here, but I want one! A female tabby would be nice, lol! ;0)

NanaDiana said...

Is there ANYTHING cuter in the world than kitties? What fun places they chose to give birth. A place each of them felt safe, I suppose. Now...who is the Daddy cat...do we know? xo Diana

Vintage Paints said...

Oh how cute! I love little kitties!! Your captions made me seriously laugh out loud. You are so funny!!

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