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Friday, May 11, 2012

A Chair Story (With A Happy Ending) {Reveal}

Once upon a time, there was a chair.

It was a gorgeous chair.

And it knew it was pretty.

And all the other chairs thought it was beautiful too.

"Oh, you have such wonderful lines," they said.

"We wish we had your carvings." 


"You're clothing is the height of fashion."

And so the chair preened and stood proud
knowing it had a place of honor in society.

But then time passed.  

The chair turned old.  

All of her friends fell apart, were sold, put in a basement or 
were thrown away..

One day, she was put in an attic.  

Alone.  Forgotten.  Sad.

But then one day the man came and gave her away.

She was put in a store for sale.

And she had  hope.

Surely someone would see through her scratches and scuffs...

The worn and ripped clothing...

To what lay beneath.

But she sat and sat and sat.

As each day passed, she grew more and more discouraged 
that she would ever find a new home.  

And her fear grew that she too, would be thrown away.

Then one day a lady came and took her to a new home.

She was so happy.

But the lady stuck her in a corner with a blanket over her, 
to cover her scars.  

Rambunctious kids sat on her. 

Abused her. 

Shedding cats laid on her.

Months passed and the lady did nothing.

Her stuffing began to fall out.  

And her small tear became a gaping hole.  

The poor chair began to think that this was surely the end of her.

And then one morning, the lady took her out to a shed.

She sat her beside other neglected furniture, took off all of her clothes, and left her there.  

At that moment, the chair knew that her life as a chair was over.

But that evening, the lady started fixing her stuffing.

And then she began painting her.

Once again the little chair began to hope.

But then the lady started to cover her with painter's canvas 
and the little chair began to worry again.

"What is this lady doing to me?" 

But still, there was a tiny spark of hope that this lady (who clearly had no idea what she was doing) 
might be the answer to her prayers.

Over the next two days, the old, beaten down, ugly and unloved chair was transformed.

And on the third morning, when she awoke she could barely believe her eyes.

Once again she was lovely and admired.

Once again she sat tall and proud...

with dignity...

and grace.

And so she lived happily ever after.

The End.



Fox Hollow Cottage said...

Have to run. Taking the MIL to an appt. but


I love it.

Be back later... Lilo

Karen @ http://scarlettbegoniasfancy.blogspot.com/ said...

I have her sister!! I have her painted and seat webbed up, but still haven't gotten the "dress" put back on! I love seeing what can she can become with a little love. You did a fabulous job!

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

What a Beautiful transformation! I Love it!

P.j. said...

Your story was as interesting & creative as the chair make-over. I think you should submit this to a magazine--& I'm not joking!!

But I believe you left out a few descriptive words, like 'pretty young' before 'lady' , & maybe something about having a gleam in your eye & smiling (or cackling as you snatched the chair up--before someone else recognized her star potential . . .)


Nicole said...

I love your little story. I bet you had as much fun with creating it as you did transforming the chair. (Ok, so maybe more fun than doing the chair. lol) She's beautiful. :)

NanaDiana said...

Laura- What a beautiful story of transformation. I wish someone would take me out to the shed and take out some of my stuffing and give me a whole new look. Then I, too, could stand tall and proud...but for now...I will just admire your beautiful job! xo Diana

art is beauty said...

Laura, the chair is beautiful, but the story!! OH the story is even more beautiful!! I love it!!
Thank you for such a great job.

love letters to e and g said...

SO NICE!!!...

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