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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Auction Awesomeness

In yesterday's blog post, I mentioned that Scott had bought me lots of goodies at an auction this weekend.  

What I didn't tell you is that he went to two.  



We had so much fun together and with some new friends of ours.  
I can't wait to do it again.

Here's what we got:

Don't worry.

You know I'll give you the break down.


First up is a couple of pieces that I wanted personally.

I'd been wanting a small table and chair set to go in the south end of my living room, so the kids to have a place to eat their snacks and stay off the couch.  ;)  This fit the bill perfectly.  Scott kind of got a little miffed and told me to let him do the bidding because he thought I gave too much for it.  LOL

Then we bid on a farm-style hutch, but it went too high.  

But, we got the second one.

Its got great bones, is very sturdy, and has a working interior light. 
The doors and drawers work flawlessly.  
It'll get a Prairie Patina treatment, some new hardware, 
and will be up for sale in probably a month.

If you're local and would like me to 
custom paint it for you, let me know.  
I'd be happy to do so.  :)

I didn't even realize he got this next purchase for a song...

I had Greyson stand behind it and hold it up, since the ground isn't level.  LOL  

Its missing the door, but I'm seeing chicken wire.  The face is going to get a burlap and paint treatment.  It runs, has all the weights, and the pendulum.  

It'll be the perfect addiction to someone's shabby country decor when I get done with it.

Now, the next purchase was the one I was ecstatic about.  

So much so that Scott gave me a look to pipe down.  HA HA HA  

Guess you're not supposed to show how thrilled you are when you win something.  
Oh well, who knew there was such strict auction etiquette.  :P

Is she not the most gorgeous thing you've ever seen???!!!

I'm really going to hate selling her.

Flawless condition.  And look at those details!  However, I had to promise Scott that I would indeed sell her, if he won her for me.  


Then, he really started to get on a roll.  

We were in the antique section and he was after everything.  

So much so that I told him to stop bidding because I had enough to keep me busy for the next month.  


I had popped outside to make a phone call to check on the children, 
while he won this table.

The chairs I bought this weekend at Junk Jubilee, specifically to make it a set.    
I think they're getting a paint job.
A little more distressed than I'd like, but perfect to complete the set.  

And the final item we won, I was super happy over.

I tried to talk Scott into letting me keep it for Eva, but he reminded me that we were buying to sell, not to keep.  

Something tells me I'm going to have trouble remembering that a lot.  He'll keep me on the straight and narrow though.  LOL

And now for the second auction he went to...


There's more. 

Believe it or not.

Our school district just recently opened our new middle school in August, so they auctioned off lot of stuff from the old junior high.  A friend called to remind me, but Sonia and I were already on our way to Junk Jubilee in Des Moines.  So, I called Scott real quick and asked him if he wanted to stop over and see if there was anything we could get for my workshop.

And he did.  

Somehow, he and three other men lugged this solid wood cabinet down from the third story and loaded it into our trailer.

Its totally perfect to store all my paint and supplies.  



Can you believe that????

Then, he scored this metal table for a DOLLAR.  

I'm serious.

And also this wood desk for a dollar.

He bought it with idea for it to go out in the workshop, but I'm thinking of covering those holes, topping it with barn wood, giving it a little shabby paint, and using it for a sofa table.  

I think that would totally rock.  

The legs are solid wood, but the top is veneer, so it would totally work.  I tried to buy 5 or 6 more by e-mailing the jr. high principal, but they were all sold.  

Darn.  :P

So, did my hubby not do good or what?  

I am so very thankful for him and sometimes I have to pinch myself that all this is happening.

Here's a picture of him in action yesterday:

We got all the metal on the ceiling and he must have drilled three hundred screws in - and we're not even close to having all of them in that need to be.  

Twelve hours yesterday.  


I videoed him last night measuring and drilling.  

You can see how tired he looks - and preoccupied, 
but he still gave me a thumbs up. 

Although when I showed him the video later, he said he didn't remember doing it.  

Poor guy.  

I have never met anyone with the work ethic of my husband - 
and I am so blessed by it.

So, we're hard at work in every spare moment trying to get the workshop done.  I can't wait to fill it worth furniture.  We've already got a good start on that...

 as well as items that inspire me - like the few things I bought at Junk Jubilee with Sonia on Saturday...  but that's tomorrow's post.

Until then, y'all...



Tanya said...

Amazing stuff! I'm a bit jealous =)

~ Tami said...

Wow! Your hubby ROCKS! And so do you. Sounds like so much fun in store for you :)
Tami @ Curb Alert!

Bliss said...

Go Scott...... Go Scott......

Every wife knows all studs work harder with Joan Jett playing in the background!


Fox Hollow Cottage said...

He reminds me so much of Jim! It's not even funny. They are so good to us =) We are lucky girls. I am over the moon excited for you. Have to say, I am green with envy over that FABULOUS work space. It's perfect!!
You guys are working at break neck speed. It's really coming together!!

Nicole said...

Yep, I'd say you did good! I love the dresser and the bed. I'd want to keep those too! Way better than I was expecting. :) Oh, something I have noticed about myself, personally...and you may find yourself doing the same thing. If I get too much furniture I can't get it all done soon....then I loose motivation to get it done after it's sat there for a bit. However, If I only have a few then once I am done with two of them I can go on the hunt again...which is almost as fun if not funner sometimes than my face-lifts.

NanaDiana said...

OMGOSH- Not one auction, but two? It is hard to remember that you are buying to resell sometimes, isn't it? Especially when you find something you love! xo Diana

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

What wonderful treasures! Your man is a keeper, I say! Your studio is looking good.

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