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Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

I've decided to do my first ever weekend wrap-up! ♥

I know some of my peeps do a weekly wrap-up, 
but this is my little twist on a blogger favorite.

We usually get up to a lot more around here during the weekend - at least when it comes to my little workshop.


We were treated to some of God's awesome power with a fantastic lightening display and peals of  thunder:

just before we took Noah to go see...


Greyson and Ian both got to see "Hunger Games", so we made it up to Noah and got a little one on one time with him as well.  

With so many kiddos, we like to do special things occasionally with them by themselves so they feel...  Well...  SPECIAL.  ;)

It was a fantastic movie...  Although now I have to listen to Scott picking on me about redheads...  and leather...  the "Black Widow"...  "So, can I call you Natasha?"  {eyeroll} 


On and on and on all weekend.  

I told him I could dye my hair red, squish myself into some black leather, but I'd probably look more like sausage in a casing.  HA HA HA


We spent mowing...

and mowing...

and mowing...

our 6 commercial client's properties.  No, I don't have the oh, so exciting pictures of that- except that it was on our new mower.   But, I did get a little bit of a sunburn.  :)  

Saturday night, we went to Menard's and bought all the plywood and 2x4s we needed to complete the interior and exterior of the barn.  

We picked out the track lighting for the interior and priced it.  

Plus, I picked up some other little goodies for me to get crafty with:  

Canvas drop cloths and a new glue gun.  YIPEE! ♥


Brought tons of work.  I know, I know...  We're not supposed to work on Sundays and as I did, I had mental images of my barn burning down or the grass being fried by the sun.  I'll have to tell y'all the story about my grandpa and his beans sometimes.  

We, as a rule, do NOT work for WAGES on Sundays.  

Bad things happen. 


Just ask Scott.  LOL

So while my boys were doing this:

Greyson really doesn't like me taking his picture...  He knows it'll end up on here.  LOL

I did this:

More.  Mowing.

It takes about 2.5 hours to mow our 4.5 acres, not to mention mowing the ditches and weed-wacking everything.  I only handle the mowing and the boys pitch in on all the other stuff.  Thank goodness.  

But I'm not complaining...  
I love to mow! ♥

Thanks to my boys' hard work - and me pitching in at the end of the evening (until like 10 pm) the workshop looked like this:

The south side windows had been reframed 
and covered with plywood in preparation for the house wrap.

 The interior walls on both sides were finally 
completely completed with the metal, plywood, and insulation.

 And as a bonus, Scott took the time to give me a 
cheesy grin that he knew would wind up on here.  ;)

Sunday night/Early Monday morning was spent: 

~throwing together a very late dinner of cheese quesadillas~ 

~washing two loads of clothes so the kids would have clean clothes for today~ 

~falling asleep on the couch while watching Iron Man~
(Only to wake up at 4 am to throw the second load in the dryer).

Please tell me I'm not the only mom who does this.  :P

I'm T.I.R.E.D and frustrated 
because the workshop at the point where its looking worse before it looks better - and because of all the time we're putting into it...  

The entire yard is suffering.  I hate that part.  :P

But, I know it'll get there.

 Until then, I'll just content myself that the workshop (with its always thumping music) is now the way cool hang out spot.

and at least the yard itself looks good...

Thanks to all the dethatching, fertilizing, and overseeding (link) Scott did earlier this spring.

and the fact that the finches  ♥ their new food.

Because its always good to find the silver lining and be happy with what you've already managed to accomplish. ;)



Daniellle @ Antique Recreation said...

You have an unbelievably gorgeous yard Laura! All your hard work is going to pay off, I know it. We take Sundays off too. It always makes Mondays more do-able. Have a great day!

NanaDiana said...

Laura- Your yard is beautiful. It looks like you got a ton of stuff done over the weekend. All your hard work will be rewarded this summer. xo Diana