Welcome To Our Little Big House On The Prairie

Monday, June 4, 2012

A Special Day

No crafts today.

No furniture reveals.

No room makeovers.

Because there is only one thing that is important today.

You see, eighteen years ago, I was blessed with the first of my six children.

I have to admit I was teary-eyed yesterday and I've been having 
little episodes of downright sobbing today.

My baby girl is today, a young woman.

And I'm not quite sure where the time went.

Today, I'm proud to call my daughter my best friend.

Because now she is taking that first huge step into adulthood where she is not only my daughter, but now can be my friend.
(And that doesn't mean I'm going to stop giving you unsolicited advice either.  LOL)

Like she says, "Me and my mom are tight."

Yes, thank the good Lord, we are.

I love hearing her voice when she calls to tell me about her day.

And more often than not, her latest catch.  ;)

We laugh.

We talk.

And sometimes disagree - although thankfully those days are now few and far between compared to those horrible mid-teen years.  ;)

She is capable of anything.

She can be anything.

Do anything.

Go anywhere.

Her entire life (Lord willing) is before her and the sky is the limit.

I have faith in her.

I trust her.

I pray for her.

I am so very proud to call her my daughter.

And I cannot wait to see what the years ahead bring for her.

I love you, Savanna.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl.

Please join me in wishing this very special young woman, who has overcome so much in the last couple of years, in having a wonderful, perfect, blessed, and fantastic day.

The world is yours, Savanna.  

Now go get it.

This is for you, pumpkinseed...

I love you,



Tanya said...

Aw Laura! This made me cry. My oldest is only 5 and I can't imagine him turning 18. I will be a big bowl of mush. =) I hope your daughter has a fabulous 18th Birthday.(she shares the day with my niece) xoxo

reFresh reStyle said...

Time goes by way too fast! Happy birthday to your beautiful lady :)

Bliss said...

Made me recall when my oldest turned 18...... 12 years ago. Time flies and I still tear up.


Glenna said...

Wow... What an awesome video! What software did you use to make it? I stumbled upon your blog for the first time about 6:15am this morning (from a pintrest link to your chore chart) and here I am 45min later still reading and enjoying all of your posts and humor. I love how you use various text size and colors. I haven't even made it out of bed yet thanks to my smartphone and sleeping children. Lol.

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