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Friday, June 15, 2012

Auction Fun

Wednesday night, Scott and I hit another local auction.

Things were going so ridiculously high, we just sat there shaking our heads.

But, we were able to bring home a few goodies, mostly stuff we're going to keep.

Without further ado, more pictures, less talking.  ;)

(You'll have to excuse the quality, they're in Scott's parent's barn, so it was hard to get quality pictures of them.  And I'm too lazy this morning to tweak them and make them all pretty.  LOL!)

Sewing Box Table

Scott and I were on the same page with the buffet...  KEEPER!  

In fact, when I pointed to it, before I could even get the words out

(because I was trying to think of a way to phrase the question so it seemed like it was his idea and I would get the answer I wanted - 
Now, don't judge.  You know you do that with the man in your life too! LOL!)

he said, "Could that go under a flat screen as an entertainment center?"  

Uhhhhh....  "YES!"  

Exactly what I had in mind!  

Sometimes he surprises me like that.  ;)

And its super heavy.  

It was all Scott and my nephew could do to lift it.  

I tried.  

Yeah...  Didn't even get it off the floor.  




No kidding!

Oak Chair
Now, I didn't want this because I've got three of them floating around. 

This one is definitely plain compared to the carving on the other ones.  

But Scott wanted it because, "Its in MUCH better shape than the others you have and besides I paid $10, you can't beat that!  And its a cool chair!"  

Okay dear, whatever you say.  

I'm not going to argue.  ;)

??Antique Milking Stool??
My hubby can be such a sweetie.  

He pointed the stool out to me because I had basically just skimmed right over it.  Then, he asked me to sit on it and I'm thinking, "Oooooookay then."  


His thought:  I needed something to sit on when I'm doing larger pieces that have to sit on the floor because they're too big to put up on a table to work on.  

Its such a neat piece that I don't know if I want to spatter paint all over it.  

Although, looking at it further, I do believe there's already paint on it.  ;)  

I don't know.  

The jury is still out on that one.  

But I thought it was so sweet of him to think of that, because I never would have.  

I got hit on my tailbone by a field hockey stick back in jr. high and it broke my tailbone clean off, so sitting on a really hard surface (like the floor) for any length of time really makes me sore.

I'm sure the stool will help a lot!

Okay...  So don't judge on the next picture.  

This was PURE Scott.


You don't get exited over formica???

The faded maroon isn't doing it for ya???

You don't like the cushy leather chairs???


Me neither.



Four chairs and the table.

Scott jumped on that like a hog on a feed trough.

NO ONE was bidding.

I gave him a little good natured grief later that he probably could have gotten it for $5.00 if he hadn't been the first to bid.


He broke the cardinal auction rule:  

NEVER EVER be the FIRST to bid!  

And he MADE the RULE and ENFORCES the RULE!


So, I get to have that loveliness sitting out in my workshop for a "card table".


But, I will admit the chairs are way comfy.

The table?  

TOTALLY getting a paint job.

Maybe I'll practice a chevron technique or stenciling on it.

Ain't no way I can hurt THAT!


And last, but not least...

I bought this china cabinet on our local Facebook For Sale thanks to a friend who gave me a call because she had committed to buy it.  Shortly thereafter, her husband had to have back surgery and she wasn't sure she would have time to re-do it.  She asked me to take it off her hands, since she didn't want to let the seller down.  

I've had it in my in-law's barn for several weeks now and this was the first time I've laid eyes on it, other than the initial picture the seller sent to my phone.

Oooooooo...  Tons of possibilities here.  

Its a little plainer than the other one I bought and made over, but its very similar in quality.  

Just a nice piece over all.

This one will be available for custom painting, if anyone is interested in giving it a new home.

I also bought a pre-WWII Globe, on a floor stand, but I forgot to take a picture of it.  Actually, come to think of it, it wasn't in the barn, so I don't know what Scott did with it when he unloaded stuff at his parent's.


It's getting pretty bad when I don't have room in our barn and Scott is offloading at his parents.  


I think I've turned into a furniture hoarder!  


So, all in all, not a bad night at the auction, but not a great night.

Some of the stuff was just going for stupid prices, but that happens sometimes.

Hopefully, we'll have better luck at the next one.

Until next time y'all...



art is beauty said...

oh that milking stool is DA BOMB!! I need one of those...Such fun goodies!! Now I really am jonesing for a furniture hit!!!
So many goodies..Now I gotta go out and find MORE furniture.
I am right there with you on the phrasing the question so the hubby thinks he thought of it...we all do it...be proud that we are that smart..LOL!!!
Hugs and have fun with all your new goodies!

Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage said...

Good stuff! You guys are rocking it.
I predict hat little stool will become one with your butt ;) hehe. Smart to save your back and get off the cold floor. You guys got some awesome stuff. Again!

P.j. said...

Nice finds! Though I thought the table was called a dough box instead of a sewing box, but at least we can agree it's a BOX. I like pieces with storage like it & the buffet. I would probably give the milking stool a higher status than in the work shop, but having recurring lower back issues I can relate to your pain. Might throw a tarp over it when you're working so it won't get all splattered.

NanaDiana said...

Laura- I think you did pretty darned good at the auction after all. It is funny how things can go so high sometimes and other times it is almost a giveaway. Love that hutch and the milking stool.

Have a great weekend- xo Diana