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Thursday, February 2, 2012

MIA... Me.

First off, I've totally got to apologize for being MIA these last couple of weeks.  I've been fighting something or other than keeps me just this side of feeling well and haven't been doing anything worth blogging about...  Unless you'd like to hear about how comfy my couch is and about all the reruns of Sponge Bob and Dora the Explorer I've been listening to, as I've stared sightlessly at the TV.  BLAH!

I'm finally feeling more a bit like "me" today, but everything that I accomplished has been un-accomplished, so I'm right where I left off.  Fun times!  We're even down to the last inch of milk and if I talk into my refrigerator, it echoes back.  LOL!  Pretty much the only time I've left the couch is to drag the boys to practice, so I'm really up for the Mom of the Year award.  :P


You know me and honesty...

It's that time of year again...

Where I am consumed by stats and records and the websites of Track Wrestling and The Predicament.

Districts are Sunday!!!!  

This is the qualifier for the 2012 Kids State Championships in Des Moines.  I become just "slightly" unbalanced and begin stalking message boards and other wrestlers stat pages to see how they're looking.  Believe me, this is completely "normal" in the wacky world of wrestling.

And I've never denied being 100% Mat Mom:

Ian's going to have a tough year this year and we'll be super happy if he makes a top 4 finish at Districts.  His bracket at Districts and State will be stacked with some phenomenal talent.  We just hope he will have the opportunity to experience State again this year.  Being a young 5th grader in a 5th/6th age group with only 3 years of wrestling experience is not going to be a whole lot of fun for him. :P

And Noah...  Well, that's a whole 'nother ball of wax.

He's back full force.  We're hitting our regular practices with the club, as well as practicing with another team on our off days to try to make up for 6 weeks of lost time in a mere 2 weeks.  ACH!  He's 1.6 off his 65 lb qualifying weight due to muscle swelling and we've got 4 days to get him down to his natural weight of 64.6 (shown in the picture above).  Now, don't be judging.  Cutting a pound and a half is normal practice done in a healthy way by eating clean and staying away from the ice cream, junk food, and soda.  We're not making him sleep in plastics.  HA HA HA!  ;)

And just for fun and to add even more worry, I logged on to find this yesterday on The Predicament...

We were really hoping that no one would mention Noah's name, since he's been out of the loop for all that time.  No such luck.  However, we were breathing a little sigh of relief that it was only on the Waverly NE Districts thread and not the main State thread for A65.

And then this morning...

His name is spelled wrong, but its there.  DARN IT!

Yeah, I'd be lying if I didn't say it didn't tickle us to death that he's mentioned in with some really phenomenal talent, but talk about pressure.  Needless to say, we're keeping him FAR from the computer!  There are positives and negatives to having your name on The Predicament...  Positive:  Dads and moms see the name, tell their kids, the kids worry, and think they can't beat them.  Negative:  It puts a huge bulls eye on your son's back because he's the one they need to beat.  GAH!  If Noah were in peak condition, then it wouldn't worry me so much, but he's not.  There's no way to undo 6 weeks of no wrestling.  Fortunately, he's not near as unconfident in his abilities as I am.  He's going in at 21-0, which is about half the matches I'd like for him to have going into Districts, but in his mind, he's undefeated.  So much of wrestling is a mind thing...  And he's strong there.  But nothing is better than lots of mat time and he just doesn't have it.  Just talking about it gives me butterflies!

So, anyway...  I won't be on tomorrow because this is going to consume me from now until Sunday.  If either one of them qualifies, I'll probably need something to keep my mind off of the pending State Tournament 3 weeks from now, so I'll be churning out some good stuff left and right to keep my mind occupied.  Nothing like craft therapy, huh? ;)

Don't give up on me, this is just how it is in February and March when you eat, sleep, and breath wrestling like we do.  :D

Take care, y'all and say a prayer for my little men!

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