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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Walls, Paint, Doors, Decisions...

Yesterday I got A LOT accomplished.

Not only is my blog sporting a new fresh look, but the walls are finally painted.


It was kind of iffy there for a little while with the wall part, but I managed to pull it off.

On Friday when I broke out the paint and started rolling it on the walls, I realized it was drying A LOT darker than what I had wanted.  I mean, it looked like I had smeared ALGAE on the walls.  BLECH!  So, I decided to do what I did with the paint in the office:  Add white.  However, I didn't have any on hand, having depleted my stash during the office makeover.  DARN.  And I didn't have time to go get any.

So, after volunteering all weekend at a two day state wrestling tourney, painting got put off until yesterday.

I added the white, and then added some more... and some more... and some more.  Finally, I got it to a color I could live with - after adding about a quart of white paint.

But you know me, with painting disasters...

I started worrying I wouldn't have enough.  And the more I painted, the more it became clear that I'd REALLY be pushing it.  And the bad thing with adding all that white...  If I needed more, I don't know if I could mix it to the same exact shade again.  ARGH!  I do get myself into some fixes, don't I?

By the time I finished up, I was literally scrapping the inside of the gallon.  I can't believe that room used up an ENTIRE gallon of paint!  I figured with the stairs, windows, doors, and pocket doors taking up so much room, I'd be fine.  Go figure!  :P

Well, all's well that's ends well...  Even if there are a few spots I'd like to have a little better coverage on.

And what's funnier yet???

I realized AFTER painting the entire room, that I had mixed the paint to pretty much the EXACT same shade as the kitchen.  What are the odds of THAT?  But, its great because now I have a great excuse to paint the kitchen!  HA!

So, today I'm going to finish painting all the trim.

Tomorrow...  The dreaded wainscoting.  But, its coming along and its amazing how much a fresh coat of paint has freshened things up!

But here's where I need some advice.  I decided to paint the pocket doors (just ignore the half-primered one).  What color should I do? Black OR White?  Before I got the paint on and started looking at it with the top of the bookcase, I was leaning toward painting the spindles on the stairs black and doing the pocket doors black.  Now, I'm thinking it will clash.

Weigh in and let me know what you think...

Here's a wider angle, so you can see the top of the bookcase with half of the pocket doors....

Keep in mind that there will be white wainscoting, as well.

Seriously...  I'm stuck on where I want to go with it.  What's your opinion?

White doors and spindles?  

Black doors and spindles?  

White doors and black spindles?   

Make my own decision?  

I need to learn to make my own decisions?  

I'm making it harder than it has to be?  

Its not rocket science?   

 Get a life?


Let me know what you think.

Until then...

Guess, its time to get my paint on.

TTFN y'all!


Cathy said...

OOoooh my gosh, a no brainer. Do NOT use black at all. Black goes not with even one color on your walls or doors. White or one of the colors in your wallpaper, yellow...I can so see green white yellow~~~;-)))) Cathy in Montana

Tanya said...

Looking amazing Laura! Love the new blog layout too :) The pocket doors-I think stick with the white, or make them a grayish color. A nice smokey color would look awesome against the white trim and would match with your accent colors. You're doing such and amazing job.

Kerri said...

Love the white!

P.j. said...

I think the doors & spindles should be white or another accent color in the same intensity/tone as the walls, though not necessarily green. Definitely not black!

P.j. said...

OH--you should be able to get an exact match of the paint at stores that have the color scan/match software. Just take something coated with the paint you mixed--side of the can or a stirring stick!

Nicole said...

It's coming along so nicely! I love it! I think the white would keep it light and fresh.

A. Love said...

All white, no black!

Anonymous said...

I'm only commenting on the blog facelift - I actually liked the way it looked before. I loved that picture of your kids running across the yard and the outline of the house showing. Very sad to see that go! :(

Love ya,

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