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Monday, August 1, 2011

Vision for the Diva

I think one of the most frustrating things is that I pour over all my favorite blogs and I see so much I want to do...  wish I had... want...  want today...  want RIGHT NOW!  I know that changing this home is a whole complete process, but patience has never been one of my strong traits.  I want my home to be beautiful (insert stomp of a foot) NOW!

During the years when I had 5 under the age of 10, it was all I could do to get laundry done, much less think about decorating or anything else.  I was plain just too tired.  Now, my oldest is 17 and on her own and my youngest is almost 4, so I'm starting to look around and say, "How have you lived with no sense of style for this long?"  Too, I think that for a while there, I didn't even know what my style was.  When I think about all the money I spent trying out new decor...  Country, Rustic, Americana (I have a bunch if anyone want to buy or trade LOL), but nothing ever seemed to be the right fit.  Now, I'm old enough to know my own mind and how certain colors or objects make me feel.  And when you're decorating your home, you want to feel good, right?  I want colors and items that soothe me.  Now that I know my style sense is centered around shabby chic with a coastal flair (You're always drawn to your roots, folks), I am so ready to get started.  But first, I want to get the kids' rooms out of the way, so I am free to start scavenging and get focused on the rest of the house.  Aren't they lucky?

I'm a firm believer that children's room should reflect the child's interest.  While I would love for my daughter's and sons' rooms to be exactly how I want it, I know that they'll appreciate it, have pride in it, and hopefully, take care it, if it's something they like.

That brings us to the Diva's room.  Her colors are bright and happy and because she loves flowers, full of them.  When the Diva draws pictures, she uses every color in the spectrum.  So, I wanted her room to reflect her love of color.  Although all of her furniture will be white, the wall color and decor will pop with color.  However, I will probably shabby up the furniture with a little distressing when I repaint it.

For The Diva:

 This is some of the furniture and all the decor I have bought so far:

Wicker Stand:  $4.00 Garage Sale
Small Green Picture Frame:  $4.00 1/2 off @ Hobby Lobby
Small Pink Picture Frame:  $6.00 1/2 off @ Hobby Lobby
Hibiscus Frame:  $5.00 @ Walmart
Small Hibiscus Pillows:  $2.00 each @ Target
Flower Peg Shelf:  $1.00 Garage Sale and painted by yours truly.  :)
Love Picture:  $25.00 1/2 off @ Hobby Lobby
Polka-Dot Memory Board:  $8.00 1/2 off @ Hobby Lobby
Diva Pillow:  $9.99 1/2 off @ Hobby Lobby
Striped Pillow:  $19.99 @ T.J. Maxx
Surfboard Rug:  $1.00 @ Target
Wicker Chair: $30.00 Garage Sale (Asking Price: $40.00)
Wicker Table: $30.00 Garage Sale (Asking Price: $40.00)
Wicker Breakfast Tray: $22.00 (Asking Price: $30.00)
Pink Shaggy Rug: $7.25 @ T.J. Maxx
BH&G Beverage Bucket: $5.00 on clearance @ Walmart
Pink Organizing Containers:  $2.00 @ Hobby Lobby
Mirror:  $5.00 Garage Sale
Retro Alarm Clock:  $7.00 half off @ Hobby Lobby
Light Fixture:  $0.50 Garage Sale (SCORE!)
Large Metal Flower:  $6.00 half off @ Hobby Lobby
Small Metal Flowers: $5.00 each half off @ Hobby Lobby
Yellow Woven Flower:  $6.80 on clearance @ Hobby Lobby

Don't you just love it when Hobby Lobby has their half off sales?  I'm constantly watching their sales flyers because I know eventually something that I want will be half price.  :)

I also scored the following on the 
for ONLY $125.00:

 Large Mirror. . .

Chest of Drawers. . . 

Night Stand. . . 

And a lamp that they threw in for free 
that I let the Diva paint to her heart's content.

And then the same people just happened to have this Lane Cedar Chest for sale for an additional $125.00  SUH-WEET!

At first when I saw the knob was missing, I was like, 
"Great.  More knobs to buy."
But nope.  It was inside.  YAY!

However, that pink cover has GOT to GO!  Can we say 80's???  So, I'm going to replace it with this:

{ Well, I was going to show you some awesome pink polka-dotted fabric I got from Hobby Lobby for $4.00, but the server keeps rejecting the picture.  Guess you'll just have to use your imagination.}

And since we already have two twin beds with cottage style headboards, all of it complements perfectly.  I always get so excited when I find deals like that!

I bought two of these comforter sets from Kohl's for $119.00 and paid no shipping.

You like?  I do too!  You can find it at www.kohls.com in Girl's Bedding.  Its currently at our local embroidery shop having the Diva's name embroidered on the shams.

Her room will be painted "Talkative Turquoise" and "Green Clover" by Dutch Boy Crayola Paint.  You can see the colors here.  With the trim painted white - yes, I'm painting that glorious original trim - the colors are really going to pop.  What is your opinion on painting original trim?  Would you do it?  Why or why not? 

Needless to say, I have all this cool stuff and no where to put it.  Its currently in residence in my living room, which is driving me nuts. Hopefully, the skim-coat will be dry soon and we can get her room finished so we can move on to the boys'.  The sooner I get their rooms done, the sooner I can move onto the rest of the house!  :)


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