Welcome To Our Little Big House On The Prairie

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DIY Medal Display

Two of the boys compete around our state for wrestling and one competes on a traveling team for basketball.  Just about every single weekend from November through March you can find us somewhere rooting our kids on and we LOVE it!

This picture of  our "wrestler" was recently featured in the June 2011, USA Wrestler Magazine.  He was so stoked!

This is our "football player".  He hasn't figured out which he likes better, football or wrestling.  He's so good at both!  And now he wants to play baseball!

And #11 is our "basketball player".  The other two keep trying to convert him to wrestling, but its not happening.  And he loves it, so we try to keep the other two from giving him such a hard time.  If you know anything about wrestling, its that they're always ribbing basketball players.  They call him, "Pumpkin-Pusher".  LOVELY.

We are so into sports, that it was even the theme of last year's Christmas card:

Anyhoo...  ADD moment there...

We have TONS of medals from their tournaments and I have gotten so tired of finding them everywhere or finding them broken.  When I first started working on their room I really wanted to make a shelf that went all the way around the top of their room to put their trophies on, with pegs underneath for them to hang their medals.  While that would be uber cool, I have no skills whatsoever with building a shelf and getting the hubs to do something like that during our busy season is like pulling teeth, so I came up with the next best (and super cheap and easy) thing.

Here's this picture again:

My solution to the medal problem:  Pegboard and J-Hooks.  

I won't give you a play-by-play on this one, since all I did was slap a coat of primer on, slap one coat of paint on and call it good.  However, I think I will be stopping by Menard's and grabbing some trim to trim out the edges.  I'll post that picture later - after the hubs is actually home long enough to hang the board for me (there's that leveling-challenged thing again).

But I think it was actually a pretty good idea and now they all want their OWN medal boards.  Guess it's off to buy some more peg board and J-Hooks.  Until then...


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