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Sunday, August 21, 2011

NO MORE Adventures in School Shopping!

I am super happy to report that I finished all the back to school clothes shopping and school supply shopping!  Two days of nose to the grindstone and somewhere around $1,200 poorer, but its done.  Thank you, Lord!

Yesterday with the football player was super FUN! He got his back to school haircut and liked it, which was a bonus.  First we headed to Scheel's, which is kind of like a Dick's Sporting Goods for those of you in the East.  I had told him before we started that he could get ONE pair of Under Armor shorts since he already has a slew and that this year we were be going to be getting stuff that wasn't completely sports related.  He's going into middle school, so he needs to have a little more nicer looking stuff rather than slickies and t-shirts.  And he was totally game for that. SWEET!  I managed to find a North Face neoprene coat that I've been eyeing for 2 years on sale, so I snatched that up.  Why should the kids get all the new stuff?  Right???  Right.

The basketball player had decided he didn't like the Under Armor bookbag he had picked out, so I had to exchange that.  Thankfully, he liked the one I brought back home.

Then the football player and I headed into Aeropostale.  WHOO-BOY!  That was a mistake.  I've got a good friend who's the manager there and she just happened to be working.  Within an hour, between my son and her, they had loaded up!  The good thing was the jeans were a BOGO, and the t-shirts were a BOG2.  So, not only did I buy for the football player, I took my chances and bought for the basketball player.  They had some really killer deals, so I didn't mind really racking up for them.  I don't think I bought a single thing that wasn't at least 25% off.  Polos that were regularly $35 were on sale for $15.  Hoodies were $20.  And then, because my friend loves me, she added on a coupon that I knew nothing about.  So, we came out of there with two bags stuffed full, but $200 broker.  But we scored 9 t-shirts, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 sweatshirts, 2 polos, 2 hoodies, and a belt.  That wasn't too bad at all.

After a quick trip to Gordman's for some jeans and a khaki pair of shorts, we were done.  It took the football player only 10 minutes to pick out his jeans, try them on, and be satisfied.  YAY for no drama!

We headed home after that and I held my breath as I started to pull clothes out of the bag for the basketball player.  The first thing he said was, "Why do they all have this A word on them?  I don't want all my clothes to have the same thing on it."  WHAT?!  As pretty much every shirt he has is either the school mascot, Nike, or Under Armor, OR Iowa Hawkeyes, I thought,


Well actually, I'm pretty sure I screeched that out loud.  LOL  So, he picked through what I had picked out that he LIKED and was left with TWO
t-shirts!  Yes, the jeans were big, but what in the world was wrong with the other stuff?!  So, he pats me on the shoulder and says, "Its okay, Mom.  At least you picked the right bookbag."

Okay, that was IT!

I looked at him and said, "Get in the car.  We're going back.  Let's go."  Now, its no small feat that I was going clear back to Cedar Falls, which is like a 30 minute drive.  He must have known I was pushed beyond my limit because he grabbed the bag with his "rejects" in it and went to the car and off we went.

Walking in to the store, I spotted my friend, put my arm around my son and said, "He's all yourrs.  Outfit him for the year and for God-sake, find something he LIKES!"  She just laughed and took over from there.  About 30 minutes into it, he started to actually enjoy himself with trying on different things.  We found jeans he LOVED (did I mention after we got home yesterday, he hated the Reclaimers from the Buckle, but took the tags OFF, so we're stuck with them?), he exchanged out t-shirts for ones he liked and she even managed to explain and TALK HIM INTO wearing his shirts a size smaller, so it didn't accentuate his small belly.  It ended up being $45 MORE than what I had originally spent, but I was so thrilled that the boy FINALLY had some clothes that I didn't care!  He found 2 pairs of jeans, 6 shirts, 1 Hoodie, and 1 Polo.  And the major bright side...  I don't have to do this again for a whole 'nother year!  With having so many kids, the kids know that they get ONE shopping spree a year, a few things at Christmas, and then they're done until the next school year.  So, while it may seem like I spent a lot, they don't get clothes all throughout the year like most kids.

So, here are two of my boys decked out in some of their new clothes, after I bribed them outside for some pictures:

Handsome fellas, ain't they?  Yeah, they make this momma pretty proud!  And now, since all the shopping is DONE, I can now focus on other things...  Like this little big house on the prairie!  :)


Carmie of the Single Nester said...

Alas . . . this Single Nester doesn't have to do back-to-school shopping for anyone. But, I do some for ME!

Laura said...

That sounds good to me! :) The whole time we were shopping I was thinking about all the stuff I could be buying instead for the house! LOL!