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Monday, April 2, 2012

Gettin' There...

How long has it been since I started on this bear of a dining room?

Six weeks?

At least?

Well, it seems like everything is conspiring against me getting this darn thing finished.

One, $$$$$.

Two, life stuff.

Three, I lost my oomph because one and two weren't cooperating.

I mean, I have worked on some stuff.

Like, my dining room table:

And all those lovely little frames sitting on the shelves of the partially finished book shelf - and a few on the floor that are larger that you can't see.

And half of the chairs are done:

Kind of.

Four need second coats and two of them need to be started on.


That's what happens when three of your three cars all wind up in the repair shop in the SAME week.  Lovely.

But, yesterday I had a wonderful surprise.

After discussing it back and forth for WEEKS with Scott (and driving him crazy with asking his opinion), I changed my mind about doing board and batten in the dining room.  Although I always swoon at rooms done in neutrals, primarily white, I know that I need color.  And I was so afraid that doing board and batten on three-quarters of the walls would be too much white for me - not to mention the fact that living on a dusty gravel road, I would be spending a huge amount of time cleaning, which is definitely NOT my favorite way to spend my time - unless, of course, I'm working a mad off.  You know, cleaning as therapy?  ;)  So, I went back to doing wainscoting, as I originally planned.

Scott and I went to Menard's to check out just how much the wainscoting, base trim, and chair rail will cost.  Keep in mind, we just went in to look.

And guess what???

The wainscoting was HALF OFF.  Yippee :)

So, we came home with 9 packs and the base trim.

Now granted, its not oak because they were sold out, but its like I told Scott, "I'm going to paint it.  If I was going to stain it that would be one thing, but I'm not." (When inside I was thinking:  "Just get the wainscoting now because if I don't get it at this price I'm NEVER going to get it."  LOL)  Although, he did get the oak base trim, since our other base trim that we bought is oak too.

It probably took us an hour and a half to put it in the cart, as we debated doing paneling sheets cut to size, using pre-primed MDF, or going with pine or oak.  Scott was quick to point out that the MDF is what we have in the downstairs bathroom and it has not held up well to moisture, at all.  And with the wear and tear of five kiddos (especially the BOYS - Wrestling in the house, anyone?) , he felt that wood was a better option.

Finally, he put it in the cart and all I wanted to do was get out of there before he decided he wanted to think on it for a little while.  LOL  I know my husband well and he really likes to THINK about stuff A LOT.  So much, in fact, that sometimes he never gets around to buying it OR has done so much thinking and talking about doing something that by the time it comes time to do it, he's lost his motivation to do it.  But, I suppose in that way we balance each other out because I'm a look before I leap kind of person.  He really helps keep me in line and I help make sure he does stuff and doesn't over-think it, so it works for us.  :)

And he got a new Dewalt drill, since ours took a poop on us when we were doing the book shelves AND a new air compressor, which he needs to run the nail gun because THAT took a poop on us, so we both were happy when we left the store.

And to think we just went to LOOK.  Yep.  That's how it works.  I've just got to GET him there.  LOL  ;)

So, needless to say I'm super excited and ready to kick some booty today.  But, like with all things that require Scott to help me, I'm going to have to wait until he has spare time to do it.  But, if I get everything done where all I'm doing is waiting on him, I'll have good reason to give him the evil fish eye.  HA HA HA

So today, I'm going to finish up the chairs and transform my wash stand with a bit o' paint.

Yes, I know I said that I wasn't going to touch it with paint, but I've decided that to fit the vision I have for the dining room, its gotta have some paint love.  I really want to go out on a limb and paint it a color, but I think I'm going to play it safe with white and then give it some funky knobs courtesy of HL.  Know what I mean?

And given that the kiddos only have two days of school this week thanks to Easter Break, I know if I'm going to do anything I better get 'er done today and tomorrow because nothing much ever gets accomplished with Rugrats one, two, three, four, and five at home - except cleaning up the trail of mess and chaos they leave in their wake.

And maybe, if I'm lucky...

Scott can do a little each night and that will make me EXTREMELY happy.  And as everyone knows, if Momma's happy, EVERYONE is happy.  Right?  Right.  ;)


Fox Hollow Cottage said...

You guys had a shop-o-thon! Those are some great new goodies and the supplies too. The table looks amazing! I wish I had your guts. When you reveal this room... it's going to be fabulous. Just like the office.

HUGS! Lilo

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

I knew I saw bead board! And yes I'm being a bit of a stalker here today ...

I have some big big board and batten plans for my dining and living room. But first I need to tackle the bead board wallpaper that I'm putting up in my bedroom. The walls have been half painted since January.