Welcome To Our Little Big House On The Prairie

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Be Thankful!

Is it too early for Thanksgiving Wreaths yet? Naahhhhh... Everyone should be thankful each and everyday, not just when a date on the calendar says to be so (even I need to remind myself of this). Besides, I don't know about you, but I'm ready for Halloween to be done and over with. I can only take so much of the black and orange. And pumpkins. And bats. And skulls. And let's not forget the witches! I know, I know. I'm no fun. I'm like the Ebenezeer of Halloween. Bah Humbug!


I was bored this afternoon and decided to whip together a quickie wreath. It literally took me all of maybe an hour. For real.

I started with a grapevine wreath I bought a few weeks ago. Its just been sitting begging me to do something with it, since I denuded it of its fall leaf and holly berry combo.  It obviously had some kind of split personality disorder because it couldn't make up it's mind whether it was a Fall Wreath or a Christmas Wreath.  Maybe it was just going through a transitional stage from one to the other.  Either way, its personality issues caused it to get donated to our local thrift store.  I scooped it up to give it some psychotherapy and it only  cost me $2.00.  It loves me now.  ;)

Then I hot glued on some Spanish Moss that I bought at Wally World for $3.00. Really glue it good peeps, or it'll fall off. I would even glue it in small sections and layer it. I didn't do that and had some sagging issues that made me kick myself a few times.

Next, I hot glued on some "Dried Fruit & Pinecones" courtesy of BH&G for $4.97, that I also found at the advertiser of lowest prices.

I've got TONS of burlap left over because I bought like 7 yards, just in case I needed it. I have to admit its come in handy on a lot of little projects. I cut a rectangle out, fringed the edges, and then placed it over the word "Thankful" that I printed off my computer. I quickly traced it with a black paint marker and called it good enough. I glued the burlap to the wreath, hung it with some "Waverly Essence" ribbon that cost about $4.00 for a roll. Done. TAH-DAH! A quick and easy Thanksgiving Wreath for under $15.00. Not too bad, eh?

Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful...  Hebrews 12:28

Take care,


Tanya said...

That turned out pretty! I love Thanksgiving. I try to keep it and Christmas in my heart all year.

Laura Ann said...

Beautiful wreath Laura, I love how it turned out. I love not only reading about your projects, but hearing your sweet voice across the miles through your style of writing, it's almost like having you here.

God Bless
Laura Ann

Nicole said...

I'm feeling it my friend. Very nice. I am all about skipping Halloween and jumping to Thanksgiving. ;)

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