Welcome To Our Little Big House On The Prairie

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Family Pictures Debut

Today, I am dancing like no one is watching!  

And even if someone was watching I wouldn't care (Unless they're a peeping tom and then we might have some issues)!  Sorry.  My mind just automatically goes places and my typing fingers follow.  :P 


I just got a sneak peek of our family pictures and I cannot believe how good they turned out!  And since I know everyone is highly anticipating seeing how they turned out, after I posted this craziness on Sunday, I'm debuting them right away!  :)  Well, that and I am really super proud at what a great looking family I have.  My children are gorgeous!  Of course, I'm partial though.  ;)

Please everyone chime in and let me know which of these is your favorite!  I'm going to have a hard time choosing!  She said she had more, but these are the only ones she posted on Facebook.  I can't imagine any of the others being any better than these!

Without further ado...

Heise Family 2011

This one in black and white?  And I can have her "pop" the blue?

Or should we go color?
And I would definitely crop it some.

Or this one?  Landon really isn't looking at the camera.
Photoshop it?

Adore this one of my boys!

This is obviously when things were getting a little harry.
Notice Noah is pouting on the left.
Or does he just look serious?

This was right after Donna had to chase Landon down.  He hid behind me and I had to coax him in front of me.  My smile is a little forced at this point.  LOL!

I think I'd like to cut Eva out of this one and then paste her back in, in the same pose as the picture before this one.  Its good of everyone, but her.

I don't even think our engagement picture was this good!
Is my hubs a hottie or what?  LOL!

I posted this one just for laughs.  Typical of what Donna had to work with.  LOL!!!!
Ian is totally being Ian.  What a stinker!

And I'm the one pouting in this one.  LOL!
Does it look like it???  ;)

So, what do y'all think?  Which one(s) should I choose?  Thoughts?  Ideas?  Please help me out!  Any and all comments are greatly needed and super appreciated!  :)


Shannon@FoxHollowCottage said...

LOVE them!!!!! Funny, I usually like B&W. But I am LOVING the color in these. The backdrop and the outfits are perfect and the color is gorgeous. Like so many. The first color, family RR track shot. The one of the kids, even with a pout, on the RR at the end with your little girl out front, and you and the hubz. CUTE couple. Yep, you got ya a good one =) I wonder what else she's got? Happy for you. Great looking family, lovely pictures. Woo hoo.

Tanya said...

Love, love, love them! They turned out fabulous. I vote picture #3 and in color. Such wonderful pictures and you all are so cute :) Beautiful family!

~ Tami @ Curb Alert! said...

Oh my goodness, I don't know how you are going to choose-they are all so fantastic! I'm no help! Sorry!

love letters to e and g said...

i love the vintage colored one of all of u in front of the barn..#6 and #2...came out sooo stinkin cute...Girl I do not know how u got this many good ones with all 7 of u...

Kammy Wielenga said...

THe third one is my FAVORITE!!!! They're all FAB, but if I HAD to choose, it'd be that one - LOVE the colors you chose, it's a a little closer up so I can see your beautiful faces better, and you and your hubs look like one hot couple! :)

Nicole said...

I love them all. I'd have a hard time with that one! What a handsome family.

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