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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Friday's Finds... #05

Yesterday I told you all about my (mis)adventures in getting lost on the way to Greyson's football game on Tuesday.  Nothing like driving 20 miles out of your way unless you find an awesome little antique store in the process.  Which I did.  See, blondes might be a little airheaded, but sometimes it just works out for us.  ;)

Today, I took the little man with me and went back to check it out.

Good Idea = Going Back

Bad Idea = Taking A 3 Year Old

For a while there, I thought for sure I was mistaken about the location because it took f-o-r-e-v-e-r.  Of course, I was actually going the speed limit, instead of trying to break the sound barrier to get to Greyson's game on time, so that's probably why.

All I can say is WOW.  An antique lover's heaven.  Three buildings slam full of old shabby goodness.  

And I was only there for 20 minutes...  More on that later.

I really wish I had brought my camera, because you would not have believed this place - or maybe you would, but being it was in Iowa, I could not believe this place.  But then again, the owner probably already thought I was little off since I was snatching things up without really inspecting them, talking to her a mile a minute, while simutaneously trying to keep the little man's hands from wandering to some priceless wonder and smashing it to smithereens.  I bet the camera would have really raised her eyebrows.  And I'm pretty sure I'm not talented enough to hold onto a stash, take pictures, hold pudgy little fingers, and carry on a conversation at the same time.  Yeah...  I'm not.

Her stuff was amazing.  They also had amazing cardiac arrest inducing prices too.  But that's besides the point.  Armoires, desks, chairs, bottles, glasses, plates,  frames, newel posts, iron beds, wooden beds, iron pumps, pictures, pitchers...  Are you seeing where I'm going with this?

Unfortunately like I said, the prices were a little steep, but when you have gone through all the time and effort to amass such a collection of awesomeness from auctions, estate sales, and God knows where, then I guess you can charge whatever you want.    But I was definitely disappointed that I'll probably only be able to make one trip a month over there carrying cash only.  I will never make the mistake again of walking in with a check book.  Errrrrr...

Anyhoo...   So this is my haul for this weeks Friday's Finds:

Two Vintage Suitcases  $65.00

Now, I can start my vision for stacking vintage suitcases up to the ceiling.  She also promised to call me whenever she runs across any at auctions.  YAY!

And I thought this on the side of the brown one was way too cool:

1 Antique, 2 Vintage, and 1 Cheap-O Plastic Frame Made in Italy

The two gold ones on the top are solid wood, but lightweight.  I won't have any problem painting those.  The small oval one is just a cheap plastic reproduction, but I loved the color.  Reclining little foreign boy is going to have to find somewhere else to rest though.  However, the one on the bottom is a true antique frame.  That one I'm iffy on.  What do you think about painting it?

The back even has its original string to hang it on the wall.  How neat is that?!  $25.00 of the $45.00 was for this one.

Vintage Medicine Cabinet $20.00

I gotta say, she had me with the blue.  I adore that color!  Add in some chippy yumminess and it was totally sold with its original glass shelves still intact.

I have no clue where I'm going to put it, but I'll find a place somewhere.  Probably in the upstairs bathroom when it gets its revamp.  NEXT YEAR!

So, my total haul was a little over $125.00.  Not too bad when I figure I could have really done some damage to our banking account.  AND if the little man hadn't started bouncing on a mid-1800s settee like it was a trampoline, while simultaneously trying to turn on a 1940s floor lamp, I might have stayed a little longer than 20 minutes.  KIDS!  I actually was probably there for more like 30 minutes, but I didn't have near the amount of time I wanted to, to explore.  He actually did pretty good up until the end (for a 3 year old told. "Don't touch!") and I decided I needed to beat a hasty exit.  Luckily, she's open 7 days a week.  My plan is to sneak away sometime within the next month or so, alone, and poke around to my heart's content.  I didn't even get into the 3rd building!  WAAAAAHHHHHH!

For now, the suitcases are tucked into a nook between the buffet and a built-in bookcase.  They'll eventually go into the living room.

If you're interested in seeing what this antique store has to offer, click the link to her Ebay store: Lil Brick Schoolhouse.  She really doesn't have much on her site, which is kind of surprising.

If I could figure out how to host a linky party, I'd ask you to share any fabulous finds that you've found this week.  Alas I cannot, (there's that blond thing again) so if you've found something yummy, why don't you leave me a comment and tell me about it?

Have a great weekend y'all!


Restoration House Interiors said...

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and for following! Looking forward to getting to know you here in blog land! ;) I laughed out loud when I read this post...could totally relate to the "good idea", "bad idea" part...specifically the "bad idea" part...I have a three year old little cutie who is with me everywhere during the day...he's great though but sometimes I kind push it with him in all of my antiqueing, thrifting adventures! okay...thanks again!

Nicole said...

I ♥ those frames. Drool. ;)
Oh, 1 buffet is sanded and primed! (not fully...I can't pick it up by myself to finish the lower part. lol.)
I'm not sure what I'm doing with it though. lol. Guess it will just have to come to me as I go with it.
*kick* ;)

Amanda@BetweentheRafters said...

Laura, I'm now a follower. Sorry, for not letting you know about the versatile blogger award when I posted! I was trying to write the post Thursday while I was packing to go out of town for the weekend and ran out of time. My plan was to get online Monday morning and let the last few know. I was too late! Love those vintage suitcases by the way!

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