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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Friday's Finds #11 and Our Friday Feature

Good morning!  I know, I know...  Technically, it should be Saturday's Scores or something or other because I'm running a day late and a dollar short.  Sorry, y'all!  Eva's 7th birthday was yesterday and I ran, ran, ran all day long and didn't stop until around 10.  Whew!  Forgive me?

So, time to share my finds from the week and my Friday Feature Find from 2 weeks ago since I took last week off for Turkey Day....

Gonna try to keep it short and sweet!  (Yeah, I know I'm wordy!)

First up...

I found this awesome vintage egg basket still in mint condition and my new favorite find it spot.  Totally not giving this one's location away!  Its fantastic and a picker's dream!  Now this sucker was covered in some kind of tar-like goopy substance that had hardened.  I literally had to soak it in warm soapy for two days and keep coming back to it.  Finally, I used steel wool and that seemed to do the trick.  There's still a few places where I just couldn't get it off, but believe me, its much better!


I actually stumbled upon the place when I went to pick up this little decorative ladder from our local Facebook For Sale Group:


Still working on how to use them both for decorating, but this will do for now until I can figure something else out.

At my new picker's spot, the old man was fantastic!  We talked and shared (okay, I talked and he shared) about where to go for auctions, the best ones in the state, when there are flea malls open, etc.  He was wonderful!  In fact, I think I'm going to drive over and see him today.  I really enjoyed talking to him and listening...  He knows a lot!  In fact, while we were sitting there visiting, I pointed to a couple of rockers he had and said, if I had any idea how to reupholster I would totally take one of them off his hands.  And you know what he does?  He gives me one!  Now, granted this one was in terrible, terrible shape, but it was FREE!  Now I can practice on this one before I re-do the one in my living room.  How nice was that????


  Okay...  I know its missing the ENTIRE bottom and the arm is coming off.  That's what wood glue, plywood, foam, and batting are for!  LOL!  ;)  Free is free!

Then, I went to my local thrift the other day and picked up a few things, like this vintage set encyclopedias - five volumes, a complete set including the index.  Copyrighted 1905, its actually called Teacher's and Pupil's Cyclopaedia.  They all are first editions.  I love vintage books.  I love looking through and thinking about the hands that have held them and the eyes that have read them from a time long past.  I love seeing the beautiful flowing script on the inside where names have been written, during a time when handwriting was an art.  And I love reading for the sheer joy of looking through the eyes of one who lived in that time and seeing how time and discoveries have changed opinions or proven wide-held thoughts to be wrong.  I especially adore any volume that has anything regarding American History.  What we were taught and what our children are being taught is quite a bit different from what was being taught back in the day.  I tend to believe that the old books are probably closer to the truth.

The two pairs of glasses with a case, I got at my new picker's spot for a mere $10.00.

And then there was the lantern that I've already made over and revealed here.

I got the lantern, along with this nativity...


and this candle pillar:

And this frame:

Add caption
Sooooooo...  That's all for this week.  I bought a few other things, but we'll save them for another time (Read: My camera battery is dead and I'm too lazy to get up and recharge to take pictures.  LOL!)


Not too many uploads from two weeks ago to share, so since there are only 3, I'm going to feature each one because they are each great in their own way!

Shannon @ Fox Hollow Cottage never ceases to amaze me with how she can do so much with so little.  Stop by and check out tons of vintage Christmas items that she scored HERE.  WAY NEAT!  And I'm looking forward to seeing what she does with them too!

I need to go shopping with Shannon!  LOVE all the vintage goodies!

And there's Kammy from Kammy's Korner.  She uploaded two really awesome finds that she transformed into fantastic home decor.  One of which is probably some kind of salvage piece.  LOVE what she did with it! The story about the spanking paddle is hilarious.  I LOLed at that one.  Great finds, Kammy!  :D  You can read the stories on here finds  HERE and HERE!

How awesome is this????  Fantastic conversation piece too!

Nothing says welcome like a little smack on the boo-tay!  ;)
Joking, Kammy!  Love this!  :D
Please go visit them both!  I'm sure you'll love them!


Now about linky party for this week...  For some reason their showing that my payment for my linky tools subscription didn't go through, so I've got to sit down and figure that out.  G-R-E-A-T!  I have neither the time nor desire to sort it out right this minute, so we'll wait until next week.  ;)

Anyhoo...  I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!  This is the mess we have to look forward to...

We're right under the upper most Rain/Snow icon.  YUCK!


Tanya said...

You always find fantastic stuff. Can I just fly over, visit and we can be shopping buddies for a week :) I love the all white Nativity. I have one to share later this week as well. It's one that my Grandma just passed down to me. Very sentimental, and vintage. Love it :) Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

P.j. said...

Oh, Laura, you & I could be sisters! Your interests & thoughts are so much like mine. Love getting to read about your projects, too. I'm one of those people who can see potential in pieces like your 'new' rocker, but I TRY to restrain myself from the urge to repair/restyle everything I see. Wish we lived close enough to collaborate on some of our projects!

P.j. said...

Oh--the ladder can be used to display quilts or throws IF you can keep your kids from climbing it! :-)

Shannon@FoxHollowCottage said...

You are a master junker! That's why I like ya ;) That chair is fan freaking tastic. Serious. The detailing with shabby up soooo good. Can't WAIT to see that after.

PS- That is so sweet he gave it to you. He prob appreciates the company and someone who sees his trash as a treasure =))))