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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Today's the Day!

I am so super excited today!  I have been looking forward to this for about a week now, but didn't want to say anything on the off-chance that things didn't work out.  You know, how despite the best laid plans stuff comes up...

 A few months ago, I met an awesome lady after I shared my  buffet makeover at some linky party or other.  She commented on my post and asked if I'd link it up to her linky party.  And of course, I said, "SURE!"

Well, over a few snafus with her linky party button we got to talking over the following few days and even though she lives somewhere in Michigan, she grew up a mere 20 minutes from where we live!  We even know some of the same people.  What are the odds of that???  Talking about six degrees of separation!  LOL!

And guess what?!  She's here visiting her family for the holidays and TODAY we're going junking together!  WOO-HOO!

I can't tell you how very exciting that is to me.  Most of my good friends here are friends I've made through my sons' sports.  And I adore them, I really do.  We do a lot of getting together that revolves around sporting events and get together just to hang out, but none of them would probably even consider going with me to dig through piles of someone else's junk.  LOL!  The thought of one friend in particular doing it makes me LOL!!!  I've finally gotten so I don't try to keep on the DL that I love going to GW and thrift stores. And its been amazing the amount of support they've all given me - trying to talk me into opening my own store (Kevin, Karmen, Tracie, Amanda, and Niki... <3 you guys!), which has been great for my confidence as I get comfortable with my new love of refurbishing and crafting.  But its not the same as having someone to go out and share finding stuff with, or has ideas of her own and might see potential in something that I don't.  So today, I get to enjoy doing what I love doing best with one amazing person who is a fantastic crafter/refinisher in her own right.  YIPPEE!!!

I'm going to take along my camera and record a few moments.  I'm sure we'll have a hilarious time and lots of blog worthy material.

And since I'm in a mysterious kind of mood (LMBO!), I'm going to  see if you can guess who I'm going to be hanging out with today.  (Gotta save something to blog about, right?  LOL!!)

Here's a little hint:

Well...  Gotta get moving and get ready!  I hope we find tons of great stuff.  After all, tomorrow is Friday's Finds!  :D


Tanya said...

aw, have fun! wish i was there to go with you two. i need to find some thrifting friends around here too. can't wait to see what you find :)

Laura Ann said...

I am guessing Kammy's Korner and I can't wait to see what you two come up with, LOL Have a blast!


PS We missed you guys last night and Scott's forever 500

Hi I'm Shannon said...

Have fun! Can't wait for the full expose ;) Good junkin' to ya!