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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bustin' A Groove in Da Bedroom

Okay, okay...  Mind out of the gutter!  Not THAT kind of groove...  Well, not that that's not happening, even though I am on the otherside of 35 and...  Nevermind.  Not going there.  What I AM talking about it is a redecorating groove...  Which will be sure to improve the...  Not finishing that sentence!  LOL!

Mooooooving on now...

Let's talk about my current project:  My Bedroom Makeover.

Now, we bought this house back in July of 2007, so we've lived here roughly 4 years.  And I still have done nothing with my bedroom.  This is what it looked like when we moved in:

Southwest corner

North Wall

Opposite side - southeast corner.

Over the years, stuff has gotten broken, or donated, or disappeared to God knows where, so I basically have just a shell of a room left. My carpet is badly in need of replacing thanks to a flu marathon of epic proportions that struck everyone in the house, except for me.  I had 7 down (including Scott) at once, for four days of a puke and poop fest.  To deal with it, I literally laid them all out on the floor in sleeping bags with whatever I could find for them to throw up in and made the rounds that way.  Sometimes they hit the target, sometimes they didn't.  It was LOVELY to say the least.  And even though I cleaned it up and hit it with resolve, the carpet never looked the same again.  Yuck.  Needless to say, we're going back to hardwood floors - which I hope are in decent shape beneath it.  On the bright side, the window A/C is out of the window.  LOL!

I have only rearranged our room once, putting the big chest of drawers where the bed was, the vanity over where the tall dresser was, the bed where the vanity was, and the tall dresser where the flower stand was.  Yesterday, I moved it all back.  I must be getting older because by the time I was done pushing and shoving, grunting and groaning (Don't let your mind go there, people!), I felt like I had run a marathon.

Since I've been focusing on other parts of the house since June, I have NADA for this.  And I have NO CLUE where to start.  And do I dare mention that my budget is pretty much ZERO?  I'm pretty sure it can be done with just what I have around the house or stored in the attic, but I'm not sure how to go about doing it.  I have a good idea what I want, but I'm always so terrible about turning a vision into reality.

I've moved the rocker I originally intended the bedroom up there yesterday, along with the end tables that I painted the same color...

Ivory/Cream is my main color with this green as the accent.  I will probably throw some varying shades of blue in there, as well.  But this is about as far as I've gotten.  And this is what I'm going for:

Everyone recognizes this beauty from Donna over at Funky Junk Interiors.

Simply Me


Yes, I know that all these rooms are white.  I would LOVE for my room to have white linens, but I'm also a realist.  I want my room to look this beautiful every day.  I'm not going to only pull my linens out to stage for my blog.  And I totally realize that white + kids = disaster waiting to happen.  We still have little ones that climb into bed with us if they're sick (puke happens) and our youngest comes in a lot "just because" and very occasionally he still has accidents at night.  Ivory just seems like a better choice for us at this time.  I'll have white one day, just not today.  :)

So, I'm asking for your help.  I need some super cute, super cheap ideas to make this room a reality.  I also realize that it will probably take months and months of looking at thrifts, GW, or wherever to get the complete look I'm going for.  So, help a girl out and give me some advice for some things I can do now, on the cheap, to get a start on it.  :)

I know y'all will give me some super ideas and I look forward to hearing them.  Ya know why?  Cuz y'all rock!  ;)


Shabby French Country Cottage Basement said...

I would start with pulling up the carpet. A tip for making that task a million times easier is: Use a box cutter to cut strips about 3 ft wide all across the room. You can roll up a 2 ft wide strip and carry it a whole lot easier than trying to roll and lug a 12 X 15 foot (or larger) carpet. Paint all of those dresses, chests and cupboards white. You obviously love white painted furniture as that is in your inspiration photos!! Put the tv on the cabinet facing the foot of the bed. Put the rug in a corner with that gorgeous green rocker on it. Throw out the curtain rods and use tree brances until you can purchase some rods you like. Put up curtains that are not sheer in order to cover the A/C unit when not in use. Put a throw across the rocker to add more texture to the room. I see a definate lack of texture. I understand about master bedrooms getting the left overs and being last to decorate. Why do we do that to ourselves!! Love your blog and facebook page!

Anonymous said...

Laura! Go with white....BLEACH works wonders :) We have white sheets on our bed and our boys bed and white can always be bleached! Also, do you have a Habitat for Humanity store around you? If so, the one in the town we live in has old doors and windows that would be perfect for that rustic look you're going for. They even have old, tacky mirrors that with a little help with paint, would look awesome. Remember, paint can change anything :) You're so good at decorating, I'm sure it will look beautiful by the time you're done with it. I should share my bedroom. It's in desperate need of color, accessories and linens.

Tanya said...

Laura, the comment from Derek Pegram is actually Me, hahaha. I didn't realize the computer was signed in under my brothers name still. Hehehe. Sorry.

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