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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Junkin' and Crazy Old People Drama

Hello, my name is Laura and I'm a junkin' addict.


Because no longer can I be content just to go out and do regular things like grocery shopping, etc., without stopping by some kind of thrift or Goodwill or consignment shop.  You know, because there just might be something in there - a great deal - that is just waiting for me inside.  And what if I don't stop and I miss it???


I'm addicted.


I admit it.

How did that happen???

So, yesterday I had to make a run to W'loo for Greyson.  School policy is that on game days he must "dress up" and one pair of khakis he had were "too baggy" and the other pair were "too tight".  I tell ya, its like trying to dress Goldilocks.  And Eva's tennis shoes were too small.  So, off to "the Loo" I went.

And made a B-line to:

Yes.  I admit it. I did.  Such an addiction.

And I went digging through this again...

and this:

And I dickered around some more with good ole Gene...

But I must admit it wasn't near as fun as it was when Kammy and I went together.

Yes, Kammy.  I stole some pics off your blog.  Obviously I'm a picture thief too.  I might need therapy.  ;)

And apparently, I'm not only a junkin' addict and a blog picture thief, but I'm also a sneaky furniture reseller.  Hmmm... Who would have thought?

You know, I really like Gene.  Cheryl...  Eh.  Not so much.  She is under the delusion that I am coming into their place of business to buy things to fix up and sell and make a huge profit on or something.  She alluded to that yesterday, not once, not twice, but SEVERAL times.   I caught Gene giving her the "Shut up, Cheryl" look when she kept bringing it up.  That part was kind of funny.  The rest?  Yeah.  Not so much.  :P

And you know what?  Even if I was, there wouldn't be much profit to be made after paying their prices AND even if  I was, it wouldn't be any of her business, now would it?  Obviously I'm just slightly rankled (okay, really rankled because I can feel my blood  pressure going up as I type this - guess it bothers me more than I thought)  because I don't like it when I'm honest and people accuse me of not being so.  Really ticks.  me.  off.

Evidently she believes that Kammy and I are in business together.  Who knew???  Hmmm...  I wish!  And despite my repeated denials of such and that Kammy lives in MICHIGAN for heaven's sake, I guess we're in cahoots.  Grrrrrr.

I think the final straw for me was when we were in their office and I was paying for my purchases (all for use in MY home) and she insisted that I needed their Tax ID number or maybe it was that they needed MY tax ID number for tax purposes (since I'm not in business for myself, I still have no idea what she was talking about), so my purchases would be a write-off.  WHAT????  And then the parting shot...  We were discussing just people in general and the moral decay of our society (because I'm still trying to convince the old bat [yes, that was ugly and I shouldn't have called her that] - that I'm a decent person) and she looks right at me and says not once, not twice, but THREE times:  "I hate it when people lie to me."  Okay, Cheryl.  I get it.

Needless to say, its unfortunate that she made me feel so uncomfortable.  I mean, really, if I WANTED to buy stuff from there, slap some paint on it, and sell it, why couldn't I?  Why would that be any of her business?  I guess its just that - okay, no guessing about it - The fact is, it aggravates me that I'm an honest person and I can't stand it when people don't believe me about something or insinuate that I'm a liar.  Drives.  Me.  Crazy.  Why would I need to lie?  Why would I need to portray myself as something I'm not?  Believe me, if I was going to make money off selling stuff, I sure as heck would not be shopping there.  And it really hurts my ability to haggle the prices down because she thinks I'm trying to make money off of it, when really, all I'm trying to do is buy stuff for MY house on the cheap.

Luckily, I think Gene believes me and he was much easier to deal with on dickering over prices this time around.  And if he wouldn't come down, I just didn't buy it.  That simple.  Unfortunately, my kidney shaped desk sold right after Kammy and I left that day.  Darn.  Should have bought it.  But the bright side is, Gene offered to come down on the price of those library card catalogue drawers I was telling you about to $200.  I asked him if his price would stand until I could save that much up - and he raised his eyebrows at me.  What????  Do I look like I have money growing on trees??? (Well, technically for us it does come from trees, but only because we cut them down for a living.  LOL!)  Jeesh.  As it was, I spent almost $130 in there yesterday, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see my finds.  ;)

I'm such a tease.  :P

So, advice time.  What do you think?  Should I go back because its a great place to find things and Cheryl is just a crazy old lady, and just a bit of a nuisance?  Or should I move on and find another place to buy my junk?

Now to go figure out how I'm going to get that stuff out of the back of my car by myself.  That oughta be fun.  ;)


Kammy Wielenga said...

SERIOUSLY?!!! I need to go reapply my deodorant after reading this! MOVE ON! There was stuff was SO OVERPRICED!!!! That's just so ridiculous I can hardly believe it. I don't think I'd step foot in there again, HONESTLY. It's probably all my fault for giving her my blog address. My bad AGAIN!!! Man, we had fun together, but I sure ruined a few things for you, huh?! (Gilgens!!) haha. Stick with St. Vincent and Goodwill and garage sales. That's where you get loads of stuff for literally quarters. I haven't pulled out a hundred dollar bill for something in years! Or a fifty for that matter... So sorry she's such a grouch, Laura!!!

Anonymous said...

Grrrrrrrr. I'm not one who can let that kind of stuff go. If you want to go back, do - but make it clear you'll only deal with Gene or very pointedly tell the hag to stop insulting you. If you decide not to go back - well, I'm the type that would call and tell them exactly why I wasn't coming back. Including how ridiculous their prices are and how insulting the woman is! ...but this is likely part of the reason I have high blood pressure!
Gina :)

Staci MissThang Tindall said...

I would go back and throw in her face every time I bought something , how wonderful it's going to look after I got through with it...Let her mind wonder, cause that's all it seems to be doing anyways...If you like the junk she has then go for it, you don't have to deal with her...I don't guess. I wouldn't let it get to you this way. Offer her your website link...hehehehe

Katie Franck said...

I would find out when Gene works there without that crazy woman being there. I would not deal with her, ever. She sounds very rude.......oh & by the way, their prices are too high. Give Gene your offers on stuff, leave him your phone # & let him decide how bad he wants to sell it. :)

Hi I'm Shannon said...

Buy something, fix it up... then go back and try to sell it to her.

Yes, I know there is a "special" place for people like me.

I wouldn't really do it.
...or would I?

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! My sister was "stalked" at a church rummage sale by one of the ladies running it. She was asking about a price on something and the lady took it out of her hand and said she needed to look it up on the interent first because she thought it was worth a lot. She never gave her a price, just kept following my sister around making her feel really uncomfortable! Jeesh...I thought you were selling things! I would want to move on to other shops! It's supposed to be a fun experience, not one where you get accused of being a liar. And I agree with the idea of letting them know why you won't be coming back. Maybe bring them some cookies...ha, we did that with a neighbor lady who kept continually complaining and would call the police about everything we did...like how our car was parked and other ridiculous things. She stopped after that...guess the "love your neighbor" thing worked LOL!

Susan (from Upcycle Revival)

Youaretalkingtoomuch.com said...

I say go back...confront her with the truth. That she ticked you off, that you almost didn't come back and that you are NOT re-selling but if you were it would not be any of her business. That you do not care how much she buys a piece for and sells it to you. That you wanted to give them "one" more shot and see what her reaction is. I would make sure Gene was standing right there. But hey.....I like to just say it like it is and sometimes...that can get me in trouble ; ) Good luck! Love, Me www.youaretalkingtoomuch.com

Natalie Meester said...

I would look her directly in the eye and ask, "Do you have a problem with me purchasing from you? Because everytime I am in here to buy from you, you seem offended. Or am I just reading you wrong?"

If she gives you attitude, then cut your losses.

Oh, I was in waterloo yesterday at salvation army...we could've met up and went in together!!

myomyohi said...

If you're the type of person to confront her, do. If not, move on and fine someone who wants to take your money.

Tanya said...

Doesn't it just tick you off. GRRRR. I would be so mad. However, this is a FREE country and you should shop where you want. My husband and my policy is ALWAYS, Kill them with Kindness!! If there is stuff there that you like, keep going. If you feel more and more uncomfortable everytime, stop and write them a letter. Sometimes people need to be called out on their actions. You're an awesome person Laura...keep doing what you're doing! :)

angelpuss said...

I would go back and speak VERY plainly to this woman - ask her point blank what her comments are meant to convey. Most times, people back down and stop this bullying (yes, she is a bully). And then shop somewhere else!

Anonymous said...

You don't even need to address the reselling part - it is none of her business what you're doing with your purchase. Either she's in business to make money or she's not - you're spending money there, so what is her problem? If you go back and if she says anything, you should be just that blunt. I'm giving you business, what is your problem? I can go home and burn this if I want to and it's NONE of your business!

Gina :)

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