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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Office Makeover Madness: Part 2

At this rate y'all, we're going to have like 22 parts to this makeover and reorganization project.  :P  Errrrr...

So, if you weren't on Facebook last night, you missed all the excitement.  HA HA HA!  Scott and I went out to dinner at my favorite little Mexican Restaurant with our good friend, Sonia, while our boys were at wrestling practice.  Her son is Ian's practice partner and also took 3rd in the State in his age and weight bracket.  Her older son, who is the same age as Greyson, took 6th.  Hi, Sonia!!!!  :D

Anyhoo, back to the story...

It just so happened to be $1.99 12 oz. margarita night.  So, I had a one.  And then because Sonia thought her's was too strong for a Monday night, I drank her's too.  HEY!  I wasn't going to let all that tequila go to waste!  That's alcohol abuse!  LOL!  So, let's just say I was feeling mighty relaxed.

On the way home, I asked Scott if he was going to primer the top 6 inches of the wall, so I could get painting.  I got a, "I cleared 4 fence rows today and I'm tired, Laura."  Yeah.  I could understand that.  I'm sure he was tired.  And since its 7:30 and he's still in bed, I know he was worn out.  But, I couldn't help but mess with him a little.  So, I said, "If you don't paint those walls tonight, I'm gonna put your cell phone up on Facebook and have my friends harass you."  And he says, "Go right ahead.  I'll talk to some women all night."  So...  I did.

And what happened was Scott's cell phone blowing up with texts, him threatening to put a video of me snoring (I could probably suck the roof beams down) on Facebook, and me sitting here laughing my butt off.  HA HA HA!  It was so much fun!  Alas, it didn't get him to move his butt off the couch from watching the BCS Bowl, but it made for a great evening.  :D  And bless his heart, he did fall asleep on the couch snuggled up to Eva, so he must have been tired.  Oh well...  There's always tonight.  ;)

So yesterday, I worked on stuff that's going into the office some more.  Did a lot of painting.  Welcome to my chaos...

Fun times!

And here's a sneak peek of some other stuff I finished...

Painted, Distressed, Waxed.

Primered, Painted, Waxed.

This I painted over the weekend.  Completed it yesterday.
There's a funny story about this one, that I'll tell after I do the Office reveal.  ;)
And then I have two other partially completed projects that just got started yesterday.  One is the next thing to done and the other is about half way started.

And then there's today...  The diva's got a dentist appointment at 10:30 am, Greyson has a ball game at 4:30 pm, and Ian has wrestling practice at 6:30 pm.  Not going to get much of the anything done today.  My house is a complete (DHS is going to come take my children away) disaster area despite me picking up and trying to halfway organize it yesterday.  Where's my Calgon??????

So, here's to what's probably going to be a pretty non-productive day (OMGee, I totally sounded like Scott just then.  Shoot me now.  LOL!!!).  Hope y'all get er done, because I sure as heck ain't going to be doing NADA today.  Boo!

But did I mention that Eva's appointment is in W'loo???  Might just have to make a quick stop or two while I'm in town.  ;)

Have a great day, y'all!


Tanya said...

Lovin everything I see :) Can't wait to see all of it!!!

Fox Hollow Cottage said...

Okay don't shoot me... but have you considered gettting an extension for your roller? I painted the 2 story valuted walls in the little cottage all by my lonesome... ;) Mwah!

Anonymous said...

Hello my dear Laura - please tell me that he got them suckers primed for you tonight! Otherwise I may have to make sure I drink that margarita next time so that I can justify putting his cell phone number on MY FB page as well :)