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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Office Makeover Madness: Part 3

(Or better known as I'm going to shoot myself in the head.)

But we'll get to that in a minute.

Super busy day yesterday and I didn't stop until I flung myself into bed at 10 pm.  Ugh.

Yesterday got off to a grand start with taking Eva to the pediatric dentist.  Yep.  To find out she needs a grand total of $915 of dental work.  (Did you hear that?  That was the sound of me throwing up in a trash can.)  She needs one extraction, 2 fills, and 2 crowns...  Although I have no idea why they want to put crowns on baby molars.  Go figure.  $$$$$$$  Does anyone want to start a "Help Laura Scott Pay For Eva's Teeth Fund"????  :P

After dropping Eva off at school at noon, I came home, ran around like a chicken with my head cut off picking up the house before DHS came and took my children from me - except for the dirty dishes in the kitchen which are reaching epic proportions.  We're in danger of running out of clean ones.  GAH!  And just for fun, I decided to beat my DH at his own game and commence the actual painting, so maybe he'd get the hint and get on that primering.  Yeah.  Guess what?  I.  HATE.  IT.  Okay, okay...  That's not necessarily true...  SCOTT hates it.  He says it looks like crap.  Literally.  Smeared on the wall.  And that's not to be confused with the current color of the stairwell - a color I also chose - that is the color of breast fed baby crap.  :P  Here's a peek...

Personally...  I kind of went "Uhhhhh..." once I started putting it on.  But the more I look at it, the more its growing on me.  Now granted, with the trim natural, its too much brown.  But with the trim WHITE...  Well, that would be awesome.  However...  Scott really, really doesn't like it.  He thinks its really going to show all the imperfections.  He said he was really leaning toward just painting it white.  He liked the white primer. It looked good.  SERIOUSLY???  So, that means one of two things:  1)  I primer over it and go get some white-ish paint - which I agree would probably look better  OR 2)  I say the heck with it, paint it in the bisque, possibly hate it, and wind up painting it again within a year.  I'm undecided, but leaning toward the re-primer.  Thankfully, I only did the trim on the south wall  and only part of the east and west walls.

Which brings me to another thing...  WHAT IS IT WITH THESE WALLS THAT NO MATTER WHAT SHEEN I USE, IT LOOKS LIKE I'M USING SEMI-GLOSS?????????? I mean for real!  It looks shiny and its SATIN, for heaven's sake.  I think I'm going to have to go with an eggshell and that will mean little tiny dirty fingerprints and smudges that I'm forever having to touch up paint.  *pulling hair out*

However, there was a bright side yesterday...

1)  Finished this little project, that I'm love, love, loving.

2)  Before I got the shock of my life at the dentist, I ran by TJ Maxx, where they had an awesome selection of all things "me".  It was very hard not to load several carts up.  So I managed to maintain control and only pick out a couple of things for the office.

I love TJ Maxx.  So affordable.  The basket came from a consignment shop for $5.00.  The bird?  $5.00  The fake mercury glass $5.00-$6.00 each.  The platter was a little more spendy at $10.00.  The top picture?  $16.00, but I couldn't walk away from it.  They had some really awesome burlap/linen-like pillows that I REALLY want for the living room, and aged wire baskets....  I hemmed and hawed over those for a while, but I couldn't justify buying as many as I needed to organized my stuff - Large one was $16.99, medium one was $15.99, and the small was $13.99 (I think).  They would have been perfect!  BUT...  I do have a few authentic old wire baskets here plus some wood boxes that'll do the same thing.  Might not look as pretty, but...  Oh well.  Gotta do what you can do.  After hearing that my daughter is going to be walking around with a thousand dollar mouth, I really wished I hadn't bought what I did.  :P

So...  The rest of my day?

Greyson had another game and totally rocked it out.  He kind of got a little frustrated in the first game because he missed some shots.  He had his first ever free throw attempt and went 1-1.  Talk about holding my breath for him!  So glad he made one!  He seemed a little out of sync, but by the 2nd half was back into it (must have been me staring him down and telepathically sending him "Shake it off.  Shake it off." vibes.  LOL!!!  He scored 5 points the first game.  Now the 2nd game...  I didn't recognize my own kid!  He scored 12 consecutive points before the other team even scored 1!!!!!  Talk about hootin' and hollerin'!  He was on fire - and totally sucking wind by the the middle of the game.  It made for a great evening and he was on cloud nine.  With all the frustration we've had with him and basketball, it was so nice to see him have some success.

And hopefully, some of that will rub off on his momma and the office!  LOL!!!

So, after getting home at 8:30 from his game and Ian's wrestling practice, I quickly cleaned our bedroom because you couldn't see the floor for the clothes that have been hastily thrown off for the last few days - and then I zonked...  Until the alarm woke me to get  Greyson and Scott up at 5:15 for Greyson's 6:15 Wednesday morning practice.  Blech!  Gotta love school sports!

And that brings us to right now...  And me staring at the office walls trying to decide what to do with it.  What do y'all think?  Go ahead with the bisque in Satin or go get some kind of white in Eggshell???  Advice is definitely needed!!!!  Thanks, y'all!


Fox Hollow Cottage said...

I messaged you =)

Tanya said...

Oh man, you're a busy lady! The paint is a tough one. If you really hate it now, I would stop painting. But, sometimes it looks totally different all done?! Good luck. I'm sure whatever you decide will look awesome :)

Our Beaten Path said...

If you don't like it....or maybe like it....I think I'd stop. I didn't stop on my hallway and now two years later I'm still walking down it thinking, "What an ugly color." ;)

Virtual Business Solutions said...

Love the humour! Your office makeover project will surely be a success since you are doing it with lots of fun and inspiration.