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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Accomplish What.

I admit, I am so super envious of all the peeps I see out there in blogland that turn out fantastic craftiness day after day after day.  Each morning I get online and drool over their creative accomplishments and I'm thrilled if I manage to get laundry done and dinner on the table each night.  Grrrrrrr!

Right now our lives are pretty much dominated by sports, sports, and more sports.

Sunday, what did I accomplish?  Nothing.  But I got to cheer Ian on at his game.  I ran Ian and Noah to wrestling practice.

Monday, what did I accomplish?  Hmmmm...  I blogged.  I restored order and harmony to our castle after being gone all weekend.  I ran and picked up the boys from all their practices.  I can't remember if I cooked dinner or if we ate on the go.  I think we ate on the go.  :P

Tuesday, what did I accomplish?  I cleaned.  I did laundry.  I tore apart the boys' room, rearranged it, refolded clothes, and organized their drawers.  Does anyone else have to refold clothes again, and again, and again because their kids drag them out and rummage through them???  I also realized that we're going to have to build bunk beds because my idea of having 4 twin beds along one wall is not going to work.  It won't fit.  I tore down the existing bunk bed that was on its last leg and took the double bed out of their room.  I did this BEFORE I realized that four twin beds weren't going to cut it.  ARGH!  The double bed is currently in the hallway upstairs, leaning up against the wall and now the boys are sleeping on twin mattresses on the floor because I was interrupted by having Greyson's first football game as a jr. high athlete, youth football practice for Ian and Noah, and youth football pictures.  But hey!  Their room is clean.  They're just sleeping on  the floor like vagrants.

Oh, my life!

So, today I've decided to make myself feel a little better.  I'm going to take the time to drive into town and visit Hobby Lobby.  I am going to load up on some crafty goodness and I am going to accomplish ONE crafty thing before this day is over.  Just.  One.  Even if it kills me.

But until then, because I'm duty bound as a mother to brag as much about one as I do the others, here's a few pictures from Greyson's game yesterday.  He's #48.  Greyson got one really sweet tackle and was in on the defense that stopped the opposing team from scoring twice.  They ended up winning 20-18.  WOO-HOO!  Go Go-Hawks!

It just seems like yesterday I was holding his chubby little hand.  Who is this good looking young man?  It can't possibly be my little boy!  Time just flies by so fast.  You blink and they're almost grown.  So, while I might complain because I'm never accomplishing much when it comes to this old house, hopefully when the boys get older they won't remember how long it took us to get this place up to snuff.  But when they look back on their childhood their memories will be of us cheering them on and supporting them each and every day.  :)

Now, its off to Hobby Lobby!


Carmie of the Single Nester said...

I honestly don't know how mommy bloggers fit crafting into their day. I am a single non-mommy and there are other things I like to do than craft all the time.

Tanya said...

I love being able to craft and decorate right now, because I know that soon my life will be turned upside down with two boys in school and in sports. My oldest starts Kindergarten next Fall, and it WILL begin...haha. I'm glad you have time to get a little crafty today, Mommy's deserve it! :)