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Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday's Finds... #03

Friday already!  I tell ya, the older I get the faster time goes!  Being I'm only mid-thirty, I can't imagine how much faster its going to get, since my momma says its gets worse the older you are.

So, now for this week's installment of Friday's Finds, in which I share things I've found either locally, in my home, or around the net that I plan to either revamp, make mine, or create myself.

I didn't have a whole lot of time out and about this week due to our little water heater issue, but I did manage to pick up a few things on Monday.

So, I picked up these cuties...

Gotcha!  I just wanted to show off how cute my boys are in their football pics this year.  LOL Of course, Ian's coach wanted them to practice before pictures, so they could get the most out of practice.  Result:  Sweaty looking kid.  Nice.


I went to our local thrift store, Trinkets and Togs and found these few things:

 $2.00 and is going to get a spray painting.

 $7.00 Brass and super heavy.  Desperately needs spray paint.  
Brass is so 80s.

I was drawn to the femininity and the colors.

 6 @ $0.50 each
You've already seen what I did to these HERE.

 $4.00 Grapevine wreath with Fall and Winter decorations.  LOL
I've have so got plans for you!

$7.50 Large woven basket
To spray paint or not to spray paint.
That is the question.

Then, the one find I was super, super excited about...

Craiglist, I <3 you!
Barnwood coffee table.

The plum colored legs have got to go, as does the pen and markered-up to top.  Nothing a little paint can't fix!

And another super-steal from Craigslist.  I got this Cotton Duck One Piece Sofa Slipcover in Natural, regularly priced  $69.99 from Sure Fit for...

Now I can cover up that ugly brown sofa!

Then I ordered this poster from Vintage Junky via her Etsy shop. 

You like?  Go HERE to buy one for your home.
Now to find the perfect frame.

My latest find from around the home is this mirror...  (Please ignore the horrible 1980s baby blue/pink border that is reflected.  Just one more thing around here that I ignore, but has to go.)

That I'm currently transforming.  Hopefully, I'll have that done and ready to show for you on Monday.

I also found some sweet stuff up in our attic that I had forgotten I had stashed up there.  I swear, I nearly danced a jig when I saw them and realized what I could do to them.  If you want to change something up, half the time all you have to do is look no further than what you already have!  I'll save those because I'm too lazy to walk up two flights of stairs and lug them down and if I have one more piece of furniture that has no where to go for me to redo stuck in the dining room or living room the hubs is going to kill me for next Friday.

And then, a few ideas via Pinterest that I'm definitely going to try next week...

I absolutely adore this paper rosette wreath from Lovely Crafty Home.

And then this fabric flower garland...

Very vintage.
Don't you love?

Well, that's all for this week's Friday's Finds.  What have you found lately that totally rocks?


Tanya said...

Love, love the coffee table! Your boys are adorable. I can't wait for mine to be in sports :) Happy weekend to you!

whitney said...

Aww, what a couple of handsome young men you have! I looove that table, can't wait to see the end results!