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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tuna What?!

First off, let me enter this disclaimer:

I am not a cook.
I am not a great cook.
I am not even a good cook.
I am a mediocre cook.
I admit it.

Occasionally, I do prepare things that causes my husband to ask, "You made this?"  Yeah.  I'm that poor of a cook.  I have my staples...  Spaghetti, Chili, ummmm...  Pot Roast, ummmm...  Having a hard time even thinking of my staples.  Pretty much if its easy and quick, I cook it.  Most kids get excited about pizza.  The little man gets excited about pizza.  Its only because he's only 4 and hasn't had to put up with 13 or more years of, "Guess what, kids?!  Pizza for dinner!"  The others just groan and say, "Awwww, Mom!  Pizza again!"  I'm ashamed of it.  I truly am.

I promised that this year I wouldn't let the hustle and bustle of school, sports practices, games, and tournaments get in the way of having good home-cooked meals.  The first week of school, I was on a roll.  I was throwing dinner in the crock pot each morning and dinner was ready to go before we left for all the evening activities.  The second week I was still at it.  By the end of the third...  "Pizza anyone?"  Oh well, this blog isn't about how perfect I am, but about how IMPERFECT I am.  Hopefully, some of you find that candor refreshing.  Or not.  :P

One thing I've been amazed with since I've become an adult/mom is that I will eat anything.  Gone are the days that I turn my nose up at a pop that's flat because it sat beside my bed all night.  Is it wet?  Okay.  Works for me.  Cottage Cheese is my new go-to.  Cheese has a little mold on it?  Cut it off.  It's all good.

So today I was starving and since I haven't left the house since Monday, quick food is in short supply.  I desperately need to go grocery shopping.  With the hot water heater out and the new one not due in until tomorrow, it'll just have to wait one more day.  I have enough pride to not want anyone to see this yucky hair.  Errrrr....

Anyway, I looked in the fridge to see what I could scrounge up for me and the little man and this is what I came up with. . . 

Tuna Tortillas
Unorthodox, yes.
Weird combo, yes.
Food...  Yep, so it'll do.

Okay, now I love me some tuna fish.  I'll drain it and eat it straight out of the can with a fork - but its got to be packaged in spring water.  None of that packaged in oil stuff for me.  Yuck.  I'll pretty much eat tuna any which way - on a sandwich, rolled up in lettuce, or with saltine crackers.

Just in case it turned out pretty good, I decided I would take pictures of the process since after being up half the night I'm sorely lacking any blog-worthy material.

First I mixed up my tuna fish.  I like my tuna with mayo and onion. Some people like egg in it.  Some like sweet relish.  I'm pretty simple, so I just go mayo and onions.  Easy-peasy.

Plus, with my handy-dandy manual food processor from Pampered Chef, onion is super easy to chop up.  Best $50 I've ever spent.  If you don't have one, you should get one!  With all their cool items, the Chef might make a cook of me yet.

Then I threw a flour tortilla in a skillet and put deli cheddar slices on it in pieces.

I quickly topped it with the tuna and then covered it with another tortilla.

When the bottom wide was crispy and a light brown, I flipped it...

And that's all there was to it.  And you know what?  If you like tuna fish, this was awesome!  Not too bad for the dredges of the kitchen and from a self-confessed non-cook!  ;)

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