Welcome To Our Little Big House On The Prairie

Friday, September 30, 2011

Our Prairie Home Tour

Since this week's Friday's Finds was a little blah, I've decided to share a tour with you of our home.  Of course we've made some changes over the years - these pictures were taken shortly after we moved in, but its all pretty much still the same...  Okay, I'll be honest.  Most All of the rooms have some DIY project going on in them in some shape or form that makes current photos not fit for sharing.  BLAH!  I think the only room I'm missing a picture of is the kitchen.  Probably because at the time I took the pictures I had dirty dishes piled in the sink.  LOL

Anyway...  Welcome to Our Prairie Home.

The Living Room

What's changed?  The built in hutch on the kitchen side has been ripped out (what was I thinking????) to allow a view from the kitchen into the living room.  The glass doors are still there.  And new windows have been installed in the bottom picture.

Look how small the diva is!  Awwwwww!

There's a little Noah!  I think he was 5 in this picture.
 The Parlor

What's changed?  The parlor is now our dining room.  The floors have been refinished to a light natural stain (more on that kaphuffle at a later time).  The wallpaper in the stairwell has been removed, but we haven't repainted after choosing a hideous mustard color yellow.  Believe me, its too ugly to show.  The tacky 1980s era country wall paper is actually prettier.  Ugh.  And of course, new windows.

The Dining Room

What's changed?  The dining room is now our office.  There is the mantle that I just repainted HERE.  The paint has been stripped off the floors and the floor has been stained a light natural pine.  And of course...  The windows.

The Boys' Room

What's changed?  After our surprise of the little man, we switched the boys room with the girls room.  At the time, they were ages 8, 7, and 5 and no matter that we had bunk beds, they always wound up all sleeping in the same bed together.  So, I put this double bed in their room.  If they were all going to sleep in one bed, they could at least stretch out!  LOL

This room is currently in the midst of a huge re-do that you can find HERE.  Are we still waiting on the room to cure?  Yes.  Are we going to wait forever?  No.  In fact, I was just telling the hubs today that I couldn't stand the chaos anymore and we had to do something about it soon.  The carpet has been ripped out because the kids being kids totally wreaked havoc on the white carpet.  Not to mention, the dogs and the cats.  Why do I bother to have animals???  And oh yeah...  New windows.  :P

Can you tell I've lived most of my life near the coast?
The nautical themed stuff had to go.

The Girls' Room

What's changed?  At the time, I figured even though we had less girls than boys, girls needed more space for their "stuff".  This room is twice, if not 3x as big as the boys' room, so we switched them when we learned boy #4 was on the way.  The walls are now a glaring shade of Iowa Hawkeye Gold on top and Black on the bottom.  The windows are in.  Its gone from extremely feminine to a man boy cave complete with a 46 inch LCD flat screen.  What a life, huh?  As soon as we get the bunk beds completed, I'll post the "after" pics.  Its probably the closest room in the house to being completed.

Our Room

What's changed?  Not a whole lot.  In fact, I've done pretty much absolutely nothing to this room.  The walls are still white.  I have nothing hanging on the walls.  Our wedding picture is now in the living room, so we literally have nothing.  I know, I know.  Our bedroom should be a haven.  Well, we'll get around to it eventually.  Oh yeah...  We do have NEW WINDOWS!  HA!

Don't you just love our master bedroom "closet" in the corner?  Errrrrr...

Sorry this picture is blurry, but I didn't have another one.
 Check out that wood furniture though...  Totally painting and distressing each piece.  AH!  There is so much I wish I could just snap my fingers and do!!  At least we don't have window a/c units anymore!  :P

Shoot!  I just realized that I don't have any pictures of the mudroom or either of the bathrooms, but that's just as well.  We haven't gotten around to doing anything with them, either.  If you're new to this blog and want to check out the hideous wallpaper/curtain combo in the upstairs bathroom, as well as pics of the kitchen, the guest bathroom and mudroom, you can go HERE.

Gosh!  Just looking at these pictures I'm overwhelmed with everything we've got half-completed (our house looks like a demolition site) and all the things we still need to do.  I am bound and determined to get on this stuff and git 'er done!  If anything, this is further motivation!

Hope y'all have enjoyed the tour and I look forward to surprising you with each of our reveals as they come along.  

Have a great weekend!