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Monday, September 19, 2011

Football Blues

Sunday found us yet again at another youth football game.  I love me some football, especially when I get to watch my boys.  What I don't love is sitting in the cold, freezing my buns off in the pouring rain.  Wasn't ideal weather.  Brrrrrrr!

I know you're tired of my football posts, but since I've bragged on Greyson and Ian, now I've got to brag on Noah.  Really, sports takes up too much of my time, maybe I should have an entire different blogged devoted to that.  Seriously, I do more with youth sports than I do with anything else.  Hmmmm...  I might actually have to think about that.  Especially when wrestling season gets here.  Mat Mom Madness has a nice ring to it.  LOL  I'm a quintessential mat mom.

So, Noah's first football game EVER was yesterday.  He has proved to be as tough as his older brothers and they put him in as Running Back on offense and Free Safety on defense.  I don't know why it bothered me more about him playing than it does the others, but my hands were literally shaking.  All my pictures are terrible!  Probably because I was holding my breath the entire game petrified that he would get hurt before wrestling season!  LOL

My baby boy ran 55 yards to score the first touchdown for our team.  YEE-HAW!  I was screaming to beat the band.  And of course, I didn't get a picture of it because I was jumping up and down.  I got the beginning of the run and a picture after he came off the field - and no video because it was raining buckets.  It was bad enough I was exposing my Nikon to the elements!

Unfortunately, they lost the game 21-14, but Noah loved his first experience.  In fact, he loves football now more the wrestling.  I told him not to get too carried away now.  LOL


Here's a few pics from his game:

Taking the field...

First run...

And another one...

Not afraid in the least to go up against the big guys...

Beginning of his TD run right after the hand off...

After the TD, coming off the field for some water...  The kid would rather have water than Gatorade.  I suppose I can thank wrestling for that.

And a sweet tackle...

Ian had an abysmal day, bless his little heart.  It was pouring down rain and the majority of the other team was huge.  We missed the 1st 3 quarters because we were at Noah's game, 30 miles away.  Next week we're going to divide and conquer so both of them can have someone cheering them on.  Poor little Ian...  His team lost 36-0 and it would have been worse if their field goal kicker had made any of the extra points.  Although why they didn't go for 2 point conversion against our weak defense is beyond. me.  Probably didn't want to add insult to injury.  However, they weren't nice enough to decline a penalty in the middle of the 4th quarter when we finally made a touchdown.  I would love to know who was blocking in the back.  Grrrrrr.

Ian was inconsolable.  He was drafted from a team that went 5-2-1 in the last two years and now he's on a team that is 0-2, not counting the two scrimmages they lost.  To make matters worse, the coach's son told him he needed to run better.  Needless to say the Momma bear in me came out when I posted this little status update on Facebook yesterday:

Pouty evening in the Heise household tonight. Ian's team has lost its 4th game in a row (2 scrimmages and 2 games) and Ian is pretty sure that after today's loss of 36-0, that he'll never be the same again. I have never seen a kid so torn up about losing - but I suppose the teammate who told him that he needed to run better didn't help things. Guess that line needs to BLOCK better, so he can RUN better, huh? (Yes, that's the momma bear coming out a little there. Grrrrr!)

Probably wasn't the most mature thing to do, but wow! 
Aggravating!  Ian isn't one to cry, and he cried all the way to 
wrestling practice and refused to go in.  Wasn't the greatest afternoon.  Try explaining to a 10 year old who lives and breaths football that its only a game.  Yeah.  Doesn't work too well.  And he was still in a funk this morning before school.  Boy, I hate it when that happens.  I love my sons' competitive natures, but sometimes its a little much.

So, that's what we were up to this weekend, how about you?

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